Pickleball Courts

Fishing Creek Farm has two pickleball courts at the tennis court location on Cherry Tree Lane. The Pickleball Court is for the exclusive use of Fishing Creek Farm homeowners and their guests. The court is to be locked at all times after play is completed.


Pickleball is played with a wooden paddle and a plastic whiffle ball. It is a combination of badminton, tennis and ping-pong. Pickleball may be played as a singles or a doubles game.


For some simple rules, click here. For a more detailed list of rules, visit the USA Pickleball Association’s website or click here for a downloadable version.


Nets and balls are stored in the locked storage box. To learn how to care for the nets, please click here. After you are done playing, please make sure all nets and equipment are taken down and put back in the storage box.

To learn how to set up the nets, watch this video. To learn how to pack up nets, watch this video,or simply follow the instructions in the bag.


  • The access code to the storage box is # 1 9 8 4 0.
  • The access code to the tennis court is “1 9 8 4