FCF Book Club

The Fishing Creek Farm book club has been formed, and the next meeting is March 4th at Shannon Sprague's home at 7:00 p.m. at 1205 Cherry Tree Lane. The book that will be discussed is City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you would like to attend this meeting of the book club, please email Shannon. Please RSVP. 


From our Social Committee

Leap Year Party

Mark your calendars - Saturday, February 29th at the Clubhouse! What better way to celebrate a day that only comes once every 4 years - leap day. Beer and spirits leftover from the FCF holiday party will be provided. We'll gather at the clubhouse at 6:30, with everyone bringing an appetizer to share. If you would prefer wine, bring that as well.

History - leap days are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth's revolutions around the Sun. Roman general Julius Caesar implemented the first leap day in his Julian Calendar , which he introduced in 45 BCE . A leap day was added every four years. At the time, leap day was February 24, and February was the last month of the year.

Marina Update

  • Marina Update (2/15/2020) - We are excited to of completed the main phase of the marina project early and on budget. We have many initiatives still to complete before the boating season (plumbing, electrical, cleats, sign, flag pole, etc...) and we have a request in for a minor modification to the finger pier on slip 36. We are still confident that the marina will be fully operational by the boating season and we will have been able to complete the project with limited disruption to slip holders. The main new features of the marina include, 4 slips that have been improved for larger boats,… Continue Reading

Land Use Committee Update

Work begins today to improve the health of our woods along the shore at the end of Cherry Tree Lane near the tennis court. The goal is to ensure that our woods are healthy and protecting our shoreline from erosion and flooding.

The contractor, Habitat Enhancers, will begin by removing invasive plants (e.g. oriental bittersweet and tree-of-heaven) over the next week. Later, this spring they will return and plant trees and shrubs (e.g. bayberry and oaks). Please avoid the area during active management.

This work is possible due to a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust. It is separate from the shoreline erosion project beginning later this year. Together the two should help protect our property.

The grant includes funding to maintain our new trees and control invasive plants for seven years (amazing from a grant). If you have any questions, please contact Eric Sprague.

From our CapEx Committee

The CapEx committee has met several times since our last newsletter, and the Committee is preparing its presentation for this year's annual meeting.  They have met with Miller Dodson to review and further analyze our 2017 reserve study, and to see where updating might be appropriate. They also have engaged in conversation with our Land Use committee, and their consultant, Bayland Consultants and Designers, Inc., to interface with the shoreline work covered by our $2.8M grant. In addition, they are analyzing and documenting all of our current capital assets, which will be listed on our website as soon as this is completed.

Survey Results

We wish to thank everyone who completed our 2020 survey! The Board of Directors and CapEx Committee are in the process of collating and analyzing the results. The results will be presented at this year's annual meeting and listening session, and we will post the results on our website at that time. The survey results will help to inform our overall strategic plan and future capital expenditures.

Introducing Tidewater Property Management

The Board of Directors is excited to announce that after an extensive interview process we have selected a new property management firm, Tidewater Property Management. Backed by their Senearth Co. Association Management System, Tidewater brings their accounting, HOA management, marina management, and 30+ years managing hundreds of HOAs experience to Fishing Creek Farm. To learn more about Tidewater and meet our new property manager, please come to this year's annual meeting and listening session. As we move forward, we also wish to thank Wallace Management for their years of supporting the property management needs of FCF.

From our Board of Directors

2020 Annual Meeting Social Hour, 6pm to 7pm, March 15th

Come socialize with your neighbors at the clubhouse prior to the annual meeting.

2020 Annual Meeting and Listening Session, 7pm to 9pm, March 15th

The Board invites you to come to our annual Fishing Creek Farm meeting, which will be held March 15th at 7pm at the clubhouse. Your participation in this important meeting will be most appreciated. Click here for the complete meeting agenda, balance sheet, P&L, and budget documents.

Clubhouse Canopy Coming!

In order to provide residents with electrical power while using the clubhouse deck, electrical outlets have been installed. These outlets will also be used by the new deck awning being installed soon. The new clubhouse deck awning will have both manual and electrical functionality.

Garbage Cans

Each residence shall contain an appropriately screened or fenced service yard or yards enclosing all above ground garbage and trash containers, incinerators, fuel tanks, mechanical swimming pool equipment, utility meters, air conditioning equipment, clotheslines and other similar outdoor maintenance, storage and service facilities in order to conceal them from view from the road and neighboring properties. Garbage and trash containers and fuel tanks may be located outside service yards but only if located underground. The placement of all of the aforesaid items, whether located above or below ground, shall require the approval of the Architectural Change Committee.

Board Positions Open

The term of one of the members of the Board, Bob Booth, will expire; creating a vacancy on the Board of Directors. In addition, the position of Board Vice President is also now open. Please contact a member of the Board if you are interested in serving on the Board. Additional nominations may be taken from the floor of the annual meeting. The positions are for a 3-year term.

BOD Minutes Now Available

The approved minutes from the January 2020 board meeting minutes are now available at our website. To view these, click here.

Fences on Waterfront Lots in Fishing Creek

The board has reviewed the concerns of homeowners regarding our recent decision to allow a homeowner to build a fence on his property located on Hidden River View Road. For more information, click here.

Security Cameras

Security cameras will be installed in the near future. These cameras will cover the clubhouse, parking lot, boat ramp, and marina. We expect this project to be completed by the first week of March.