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The Adelfios:

Dedicated to Family, Nature, and Education

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Lydia and Marco Adelfio have worked in DC and lived in Chevy Chase for many years. About five years ago, they began looking at homes in the Arnold/Annapolis area where they could anticipate eventual retirement. Nothing seemed to fit until a Sunday in early February when Marco stumbled on an open house in FCF, 3438 Hidden River View. Lydia saw the house on Tuesday, they put an offer in on Wednesday, and they were new owners on Thursday.

Marco and Lydia were initially drawn to their new home by its location, views, and amenities. Since then, nothing has disappointed. They love seeing both the dawn light and the sunset from their home as well as a wide variety of wildlife. As an added benefit, they have enjoyed meeting many people while walking their dog Jasper, a large 11-year-old labradoodle. Although they had initially planned to spend one or two nights per week here, that has quickly become four or five nights per week. As Marco explains, FCF provides a unique combination of “a friendly, welcoming neighborhood and privacy”.

The Adelfio Family

Lydia and Marco both grew up in the DC area and were high school sweethearts at Sidwell Friends School. They will have their 45th anniversary this year!

Marco’s paternal roots go back to Sicily, but his maternal ancestors have been in Montgomery County MD since the 1720s. His parents lived briefly in Italy and initially settled in Montreal, where Marco was born. From there, they returned to live in his mother’s hometown of Sandy Spring. Marco’s family spent summers in Sicily, and he has fond memories of sailing many types of sailboats in the Mediterranean.

Lydia’s family is from Cohasset, Massachusetts, where they continue to maintain a non-profit organic educational farm. Lydia’s grandfather was not only a farmer but also an inventor and homespun engineer. He built tractors using old lathes to create the material for piping; built a sawmill where he milled logs used in farm buildings; harvested ice from a farm pond to sell for use in iceboxes; and supplied produce to Boston’s Quincy Market during WW II. Lydia spent her summers on the farm as she grew up and she and Marco even lived for a short time on the farm in a small cabin built by Lydia’s great uncle with wood from the sawmill.

Lydia and Marco have three sons who are all married with interesting professional careers ranging from medical devices and management consulting to computer science. Two of the Adelfio sons live near Boston, and one in Vienna, VA. Their oldest two boys each have families with a boy and a girl, and their middle son and his wife are expecting their third child soon. The youngest son and his wife have a Berne doodle, but no grandbabies yet!

It is important to Lydia and Marco to maintain their residence in Chevy Chase for a bit longer because it is much closer to their parents than Annapolis (and they have many friends in the Chevy Chase area). Their parents are in their 90’s, still independent, and living without caregivers. Lydia’s parents live in a very rural area of the Shenandoahs and Marco’s 95-year-old mother lives in Chevy Chase.


Lydia graduated from Vassar College and began her career at an investment company in Boston. After Marco completed his law degree at Boston College, they moved back to the DC area. There Lydia became an institutional portfolio manager and then took some time off for kids. As her boys got older, she began working again, but this time in education. She returned to her alma mater, Sidwell Friends, and served for over a decade as Assistant Head of the school.

Lydia retired about 10 years ago, focusing on helping other educational organizations including providing quality education to at-risk children in DC. She has been on the board of the DC Center City Charter Schools since retiring and has served in numerous capacities, including Chair of the Board. During her tenure, the board saved the consortium of six charter schools from financial (and academic) failure. The schools now serve approximately 1500 students, are on sound financial footing, and a number of the campuses consistently receive high academic rankings. Nevertheless, COVID presented many new challenges for the board as they struggled to quickly make sure students had adequate food, internet connections, technology, and cleaning supplies during at-home schooling.

Lydia also serves on the board of The Sienna School in Silver Spring, an independent school dedicated to serving children in fourth through twelfth grades who have dyslexia.

Finally, Lydia is Vice Chair of the Board of Friends of Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset, MA an organic, educational farm that was originally Lydia’s grandparents’ farm. Holly Hill Farm is a wonderful legacy to Lydia’s family as it provides healthy food and year-round education about the practices of conservation and sustainability for people of all ages in a setting with historic barns from the 1700’s


Marco graduated from Bucknell University and then went on to join Lydia in Boston and get his law degree at Boston College. After moving to the DC area, and stints at two other law firms, Marco joined Goodwin Procter’s Financial Industry group and currently serves as their chair of Investment Management specializing in SEC regulatory issues and governance. He has consistently been ranked as one of America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and was recently nationally recognized as Independent Counsel of the Year in the Mutual Fund Industry.

During his career, Marco has travelled extensively. COVID brought a welcome relief from travel, but simultaneously caused an uptick in business, as standing government regulations changed frequently and abruptly, and the remote work environment presented additional board governance challenges. Marco’s travel is now picking up again, which he describes as a mixed blessing, especially as it requires him to leave his new home office view of CTC!


Marco and Lydia have been avid tennis players for many years and continue to play at least twice a week. They have also played a few family-style pickleball games and look forward to meeting people on the FCF courts. They say their pickleball skills need some improving but are hoping their tennis skills will translate. In the meantime, most of their exercise in FCF has centered around walking their dog Jasper three times a day, and activities related to “interior design” and moving.

Mountaineering with his sons around the US and world has become a regular pursuit of Marco’s. They have tackled summits out west (including Grand Teton and Mt. Rainier) as well as the Alps and the Andes

Marco also enjoys golf, and the couple is contemplating getting a boat, but for now are thinking his-and-hers kayaks will suffice. Upcoming vacation plans include rafting the Salmon River in Idaho, a family reunion with their boys’ families in Cape Cod and a trip to Sicily to visit the Adelfio family home.

Lydia acquired the heart and soul of a naturalist in childhood. Her father was a mammologist and her grandparents used natural methods to work the Holly Hill Farm. Lydia has found 3438 Hidden River View a great place to view a wide variety of wildlife and migrating birds.


As Marco and Lydia spend more time in FCF, you will likely see them walking their dog, kayaking, or participating in a tennis or pickleball match! They are both interesting and friendly – a great combination for a pleasant time over dinner, cocktails, or just a cordial stroll through the neighborhood. Don’t hesitate to connect and welcome them to our community.

Welcome the Newest Addition to our Neighborhood!

Gabriella Grace Mott

Born at 8:05pm on April 18th

Weight: 7lbs 15 oz.

Both mummy and baby are doing great!

Pickleball/Tennis Committee Update

Pickleball Open Play 

NEW: Tuesday Evenings 5 - 7 PM (New and Beginner Players Only)

Court time will be reserved on Tuesdays in May from 5-7 PM for New and Beginner Players in FCF.  Based on interest and attendance, this time may be extended further into the summer.

Pickleball Open Play will continue through the summer on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Thursday Evenings 5-7 PM
Sunday Morning 9-11 AM

June will see the first of many (hopefully) FCF Pickleball tournaments.  Men’s, women’s, mixed doubles and co-ed round robin tournaments are planned.

Anyone interested in being added to the Pickleball distribution email list should send an email to pickleball@fishingcreekfarm.org;  Also, if you are on Facebook, you can join the Fishing Creek Farm Pickleball group for tips and announcements.

Come on down to one of the open play times and join the fun!

Book Club

Wednesday, June 6, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.

Our next meeting will be on June 6, 2022 at 7:00 pm at the Clubhouse. We should be able to sit outside that night. We will discuss French Braid by Ann Tyler.

"From the beloved Pulitzer Prize–winning author—a funny, joyful, brilliantly perceptive journey deep into one Baltimore family’s foibles, from a boyfriend with a red Chevy in the 1950s up to a longed-for reunion with a grandchild in our pandemic present.

The Garretts take their first and last family vacation in the summer of 1959. They hardly ever leave home, but in some ways they have never been farther apart. Mercy has trouble resisting the siren call of her aspirations to be a painter, which means less time keeping house for her husband, Robin. Their teenage daughters, steady Alice and boy-crazy Lily, could not have less in common. Their youngest, David, is already intent on escaping his family's orbit, for reasons none of them understand. Yet, as these lives advance across decades, the Garretts' influences on one another ripple ineffably but unmistakably through each generation.

Full of heartbreak and hilarity, French Braid is classic Anne Tyler: a stirring, uncannily insightful novel of tremendous warmth and humor that illuminates the kindnesses and cruelties of our daily lives, the impossibility of breaking free from those who love us, and how close—yet how unknowable—every family is to itself." Amazon

Please join us for the discussion. We have no rules except to enjoy discussing books of interest with our neighbors! Even if you do not finish the book, join us for our discussion.

Everyone is invited. Please contact Susan Magazine via email or phone (301-213-1799) if you would like to join the group.

Fishing Creek Farm Logo Glassware

We have replenished our inventory of glass and plastic FCF logo glasses. They are $4 each and can be ordered by contacting boardtreasurer@fishingcreekfarm.org


Fishing Creek Farm Facebook Page


Fishing Creek Farm residents can post items of interest, for sale, or wanted to our FB page, “Fishing Creek Farm Homeowners’ Association”. The page is administered by Deborah Brafford and is open only to FCF residents. (Be aware: there is an old FB page that is no longer in use. Its address is: Fishing Creek Farm Neighborhood and it is open to the PUBLIC.)

Although anyone can find our private site, only members can see who's in the group and what they post. When you land on the FCF FB page, you may ask to join the group. You must submit your email and house address for verification. Once your credentials are verified, you will be notified of your admission to the group.

Please feel free to post questions, information, or photos to this closed group of Fishing Creek Farm neighbors!

Committee Contacts

Do you want to know who is on what committee?  Do you want to know how to reach a committee member?  All of that information is on our website Committee page which is located here.  On this page you will note that a number of the email addresses are [committee-name/position]@fishingcreekfarm.org. This is part of our ongoing effort to have email addresses that we can use to transition easily from volunteer to volunteer when a position turns over. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this, and thank you to all of our volunteers!

Suggestion Box

If you have an idea on how to make Fishing Creek Farm an even better place, please share it with the Board and your fellow homeowners.  Suggestions are sent to our FCF Board and posted on our website. To access the suggestion box now, click here.

Board of Directors Meetings 2022

Board of Directors meetings in 2022 will be held once per month on a Monday from 7 to 9 PM. All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend. The meetings are again being held in person at the Clubhouse, but are also available virtually.

Upcoming 2022 Board Meetings:

May 23, June 20, July 25.

Children's Tennis Camp

Registration is limited. Sign up now!
FCF Kids’ Tennis Camp 2022: June 15th – July 29th, Wednesdays and Fridays!

Fishing Creek Farm is proud to again sponsor a children’s tennis summer program!   Coach Grant Shanahan, a UMD experienced player and private lesson coach, will once again lead our camp.  Tennis skills, scoring and match playing will be taught.  Players of all levels welcome – – and no experience is necessary.  This is a great way for the kids in the neighborhood to get to know each and hang out.   As in the past, we will have two classes, one for younger kids and one for older players.

The Programs:

  • Ages 6-9 will be in the Quick Start Program. It’s a great way to learn to play, develop basic tennis skills and an understanding of the game.
  • Ages 10-17 will learn the strokes, game strategy, how to serve, how to score and will play matches.  Fun games will be used to sharpen skills, and challenging “match style” games will be played.

The Times

  • Lessons will be twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays, June 15 – July 29th.


  • 6:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.  – ages 6-9
  • 6:45 p.m.– 8:00 p.m. – ages 10-17


  • 6:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m. – ages 6-9
  • 6:45 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. – ages 10-17

The Cost

Pay one flat fee of $140 per child to attend as many lessons as you want!  Availability is limited to the first who sign up, so register now!   If your child has experience playing and wants to play with the older kids, feel free to register them for that session. Also, if there are enough tiny ones interested (under 6) that want a separate section, the coach’s may be able to accommodate that.  For that request or any questions, please contact Maggie Elehwany at melehwany@argentum.org.

To Purchase Tickets, please click the button below:

Mosquito Control Program Begins in June

FCFHOA has again signed up for the adult mosquito spraying program of Maryland’s Department of Agriculture (MDA), part of the Department’s broader mosquito control program aimed at preventing mosquito-borne diseases.  The Board will notify residents once we receive confirmation about which night of the week is assigned.

FCF is one of about 2100 communities that participate in the fogging program, which typically runs from early June to end-September. The MDA team will be spraying our community one night a week (7pm to 2:30am) when conditions warrant it, considering mosquito counts and weather. MDA asks that residents stay indoors during the spraying operation.  MDA also urges community residents to be proactive in reducing any standing water in their yards, as standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

MDA’s Mosquito Control Procedures: Spraying for adult mosquitoes is done at night using an ultra-low volume (UVL) spray to disperse tiny droplets (fogging) that do not coat surfaces, thereby minimizing the effect on other small organisms. Spraying is only done if an MDA employee determines it is necessary (considering “mosquito landing counts” and other data). It will not be conducted during rain, in wind speeds exceeding 12 mph, or if temperatures are above 89 degrees F. The attached PDF describes MDA's operating procedures in more detail.

Public Health and Habitat Concerns: Our beautiful community includes both wooded areas and wetlands, which provide habitat for fish, birds, mammals, and insects like butterflies, fireflies, and honeybees. Unfortunately, wetlands are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can be both a nuisance and, in some cases, a public health risk. Tiger mosquitoes have been found in our region since 1987 and can carry diseases such as West Nile virus and several kinds of encephalitis in humans, and heartworm disease in dogs.

The MDA makes the following statement about their spraying practices: “We spray at night when bees and butterflies are not active. The droplets in our sprays average 15 to 20 micrometers. They are so small that they are acted upon equally by gravity and drag. They float in the absence of wind – just like a fog droplet. Because they are so small, they do not coat surfaces, so when bees and butterflies crawl on surfaces the next morning, those surfaces are not covered with our spray. Permethrin breaks down in sunlight. There is evidence that permethrin in our spray does not affect larger insects, like bees and butterflies. Bees have been studied extensively; there are no deleterious effects.

Exemptions from the Program are Possible:  By default, all FCF homes are enrolled in the program when the community signs up. Any resident can apply for an exemption for their property. That exemption will have a 300 feet buffer on either side of the exempted property.  An exemption form is available at:  MosquitoControlExemptionForm

To see the MD Department of Agriculture's Operating Procedures for Spraying of Adult Mosquitoes: Mosquito Control - Operating Procedures.

Children's Social Committee

“Dunk & Donuts”


Kids’ Memorial Day Weekend Pool Kickoff Party
11:00am  Saturday, May 28 (Rain date Sunday, May 29)

Come take your first dunk in the pool and enjoy a donut! Fruit and juice will also be served.  Penny dive in the big pool and baby pool.  Prize for the best cannonball. See you there!

Adult Social Committee

Upcoming Event:

1st Sunset Friday of the season
Friday, May 27 (to kick off Memorial Day Weekend)!

Board of Directors


  • The Clubhouse is now available to rent through our website for private events ($100).
  • Community events such as committee meetings are free. Contact admin@fishingcreekfarm.org or jpfinsgraf@gmail.com.

How to Contact Board Members

When contacting Board Members, please use their official neighborhood email address rather than their personal email address. The format of the FCF addresses is: boardPOSITION@fishingcreekfarm.org.


boardpresident@fishingcreekfarm.org - Julien Hecht 

boardvp@fishingcreekfarm.org  - Jacques Smith

boardsecretary@fishingcreekfarm.org - Dan Attridge

boardmal@fishingcreekfarm.org - Chris Caine

boardtreasurer@fishingcreekfarm.org - Deborah Brafford

Land Use Committee

The Tiger Team for Southbreeze Beach continues to meet with shoreline restoration designers, engineers, and construction firms to become more educated about our options for preserving and protecting Southbreeze Beach in the short, and longer term.  The Team is getting close to wrapping up the "interviewing" phase of its research and will soon be assembling a list of requirements that will ultimately go into a "request for proposal" to qualified consultants/engineers. The team has contributed significant time and energy to the process in hopes of coming up with a strategy by May 1st. Feel free to reach out to members of the Tiger Team for more information.

Also, a reminder that the path from Cherry Tree Lane to the bridge to the Cherry Tree Cove shoreline has been reopened, although the first part of the path is still through phragmites and a bit mucky. Nonetheless, some intrepid souls have already made the journey (with a dog no less), so please feel free to check out the path that runs through HOA property along the cove shoreline.

If you would like to follow the team's progress or submit a comment, please visit our FCF website: https://social.fishingcreekfarm.org. Relevant documents, including meeting minutes and presentations, are loaded to the website under Documents/Land Use and also within the Community Forum/Southbreeze Beach. Access both sites from the left hand menu of the landing page. You must be logged into our website to view these.

We will be reaching out to the Arundel Rivers Federation (formerly South River Federation) to speak with them about grant programs that we may consider as part of our overall recommendation.  We were given the name of Jennifer Carr as the point of contact. If anyone knows her or someone else at the Federation, please contact Kirk Brafford: rkbrafford@comcast.net.


Slip Holders,

We hope to see some better boating weather as we enter into the middle of May. Please keep in mind that navigational markers often move during the winter months and it's important to watch your depth when exiting and entering channels. It looks like the first green navigational marker when exiting the marina has moved right and it's not properly representing the channel (we will look to get it moved back into position). Please be careful during your initial voyages and reacclimate yourself to the channels.

As a reminder for people dropping off or picking up guests at the dock in the transient locations and when utilizing the pump-out station, please do not leave your boat unattended and please do not leave your boat docked for more time than is required.

There are a few maintenance issues still to be completed and we will continue to do minor repairs throughout the season. We hope that the new fire suppression system will be installed in the next 7-10 days.

We look forward to seeing everyone down at the marina in the coming weeks. As always, use good judgement when setting lines and inform other boat owners of any issues that you may see when visiting the marina.

Marina Committee

Landscape/Architectural Committee Update

Announcement: New improvements have been made to the Architectural Change section of the FCF website. We hope this makes the application process more user friendly. You can reach the Architectural Change page of our website by clicking "Architectural Change" in the left-hand menu or HERE.

Like-Kind Improvements: There have been recent applications for “like-kind” replacements which do not require a change application. While concern for compliance with the covenants is very much appreciated, the first section of the guidelines identifies the types of improvements that do not require an application.

Applications: Some applications have been approved with conditions, also some of the applicants have not followed up with satisfying the conditions, such as providing a copy of the permits required by the County. Please be sure to verify compliance, so that Tidewater can complete our records.

Service Yards: By Laws Article V. Section 2., Paragraph 12. Requires that storage, trash cans, fuel tanks, HVAC and pool equipment etc. are to be “appropriately screened”; “in order to conceal them from view from the road or neighboring properties”. Landscaping of semi- solid screening have been used successfully. If not yet accomplished at your home, at your convenience, please provide an application for compliance with this reasonable covenant.

CapEx Committee

There are only three items to report this month:

  • We have signed a contract with Miller Dodson to update our reserve study.  This is suggested by our auditors every 5 years.
  • We are staying connected with the Tiger Team progress on efforts to save and provide community access to South Breeze Beach, as it will have a big financial impact on reserves, and
  • Finally, we are continuing to monitor work done by Anne Arundel County along various easements with regard to trees and sloping for drainage.  Remember that if you are experiencing draining issues along the street or other drainage easements please call 411 to notify the County and also be sure to notify either CapEx or Land Use to we can monitor.