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Neighborhood Residents Give Hands Up
A number of FCF families are providing "hands up" for Afghan refugees in our area through Heart for Refugees, a Maryland-based, 501c3 group of volunteers who facilitate the creation of “family support” teams to help local refugee families. In our neighborhood, the effort has been spearheaded by the Elehwany family who are helping host two Afghan refugee families. The two fathers worked for US special forces in Kabul and had to flee Afghanistan last August. They left everything behind and are trying to find their way with their 10 kids. In preparation for winter, the families need men’s coats, small, medium and large; women’s large coats; girls’ size 3 or 4 coats; and men’s pants size 34-36.

Recently the Elehwanys hosted a baby shower for one of the moms. Kristan Dix happened to walk by when the Elehwanys were decorating and, as Maggie explains, "Before I knew it, generous FCF members, including Kristan Dix, Julie Carlisle, Tammy Snedeker, Chris Evans, and Chris Harkins, were dropping by gifts and donations as their way to help - - it was really wonderful! I am blown away by how incredibly wonderful and generous my fabulous neighbors are."

Heart for Refugees 
Heart for Refugees seeks "support families" to “adopt” refugee families. Refugees arrive with little or no belongings and are in immediate need of our support and generosity. Support families usually consist of groups of 5-7 families who join together to help refugee families with a variety of needs, such as helping enroll children in school, helping coordinate social services support, providing transportation to medical appointments or job interviews, and helping with basic needs.

Alexandria Arnold, the Administration Coordinator for Heart for Refugees, says there is still a "dire need". Donations are needed and appreciated. If you want to become involved, contact Maggie Elehwany (Melehwany@argentum.org) and she can pass your name along or you can contact Heart for Refugees directly using the information below. St. Martins-In-The-Field Episcopal Church is also lending support to our newly arrived Afghan refugees as they resettle in Maryland by coordinating volunteer efforts of Giving Back and Linda's Legacy with Heart For Refugees.

Contact Information for Heart for Refugees:
Alexandria Arnold
Administration Coordinator
(443) 301 6084

An official website is expected to be live next week. Although inactive at present, additional information can also be found on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Heart-For-Refugees-100421075954696

Book Club

The next Fishing Creek Farm Book Club meeting will take place on December 6, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse. We always have interesting discussions and we get to know our neighbors better. Please consider joining us even if you have not read the book. Maybe you will be inspired by the discussion to read the book later. If you have any questions about the Book Club please feel free to call or text Susan Magazine at 301-213-1799.

The next book that the Book Club will discuss is This is Happiness by Niall Williams. Several reviewers had high praise for the book.  Here are Amazon's comments which repeat much of what other commentators posted.

This is Happiness by Niall Williams was


A profound and enchanting new novel from Booker Prize-longlisted author Niall Williams about the loves of our lives and the joys of reminiscing.

You don't see rain stop, but you sense it. You sense something has changed in the frequency you've been living and you hear the quietness you thought was silence get quieter still, and you raise your head so your eyes can make sense of what your ears have already told you, which at first is only: something has changed.

The rain is stopping. Nobody in the small, forgotten village of Faha remembers when it started; rain on the western seaboard was a condition of living. Now--just as Father Coffey proclaims the coming of electricity--it is stopping. Seventeen-year-old Noel Crowe is standing outside his grandparents' house shortly after the rain has stopped when he encounters Christy for the first time. Though he can't explain it, Noel knows right then: something has changed.

This is the story of all that was to follow: Christy's long-lost love and why he had come to Faha, Noel's own experiences falling in and out of love, and the endlessly postponed arrival of electricity--a development that, once complete, would leave behind a world that had not changed for centuries.

Niall Williams' latest novel is an intricately observed portrait of a community, its idiosyncrasies and its traditions, its paradoxes and its inanities, its failures and its triumphs. Luminous and otherworldly, and yet anchored with deep-running roots into the earthy and the everyday, This Is Happiness is about stories as the very stuff of life: the ways they make the texture and matter of our world, and the ways they write and rewrite us."

Susan S. Magazine

Pickleball/Tennis Committee Update


Attention: The FCF Tennis/Pickleball courts will be closed this Monday, November 14th to allow our geotechnical engineering firm to conduct boring tests. They hope to complete their work in the morning hours.

Fishing Creek Farm Logo Glassware

We have replenished our inventory of glass and plastic FCF logo glasses. They are $4 each and can be ordered by contacting boardtreasurer@fishingcreekfarm.org


Fishing Creek Farm Facebook Page


Fishing Creek Farm residents can post items of interest, for sale, or wanted to our FB page, “Fishing Creek Farm Homeowners’ Association”. The page is administered by Deborah Brafford and is open only to FCF residents. (Be aware: there is an old FB page that is no longer in use. Its address is: Fishing Creek Farm Neighborhood and it is open to the PUBLIC.)

Although anyone can find our private site, only members can see who's in the group and what they post. When you land on the FCF FB page, you may ask to join the group. You must submit your email and house address for verification. Once your credentials are verified, you will be notified of your admission to the group.

Please feel free to post questions, information, or photos to this closed group of Fishing Creek Farm neighbors!

Board of Directors


  • The Clubhouse is now available to rent through our website for private events ($100).
  • Community events such as committee meetings are free. Contact admin@fishingcreekfarm.org or jpfinsgraf@gmail.com.

How to Contact Board Members

When contacting Board Members, please use their official neighborhood email address rather than their personal email address. The format of the FCF addresses is: boardPOSITION@fishingcreekfarm.org.


boardpresident@fishingcreekfarm.org - Julien Hecht 

boardvp@fishingcreekfarm.org  - Jacques Smith

boardsecretary@fishingcreekfarm.org - Dan Attridge

boardmal@fishingcreekfarm.org - Chris Caine

boardtreasurer@fishingcreekfarm.org - Deborah Brafford


Outside Equipment Must be Screened

Recent work on updating FCF covenants has refocused the community on certain requirements to maintain the esthetic appeal of FCF. One of those requirements is the screening of any outdoor HVAC/Electrical/Propane equipment so as not to be visible from the street or to neighbors.

Please ensure that any such equipment is properly screened on your property and the quality of the screening is appropriately maintained. For fastest response, rather than calling Tidewater with questions or concerns, please email Felicia at fshockley@tidewaterproperty.com.

Thank you for helping keep FCF one of the most naturally beautiful communities in the greater Annapolis region.

Land Use


Reminder Regarding FCF Deer Management Program
The Board is working with Tri-County Deer Management, an organized group of bow hunters, who aid communities such as ours in their efforts to manage the deer population within their respective areas. Fishing Creek Farm has worked with Tri-County Deer Management for many years in this effort. The bow hunters must demonstrate their bow hunting proficiency and take ongoing bow hunting safety courses. Tri-County Deer Management and its members are insured, listing Fishing Creek Farm as an additional insured.

The hunters set elevated stands in the common area trees, so they have a downward trajectory, shooting their target from less than 20 yards away. The deer management program runs during the deer bow and arrow hunting season, which this year begins September 9 and runs through the end of January.

The FCF HOA is providing Tri-County Deer Management with access to three specific areas within the community common areas an hour before the first light of dawn through 9 AM and from 3PM until one hour after dark. The hunters will be in those limited portions of the community common areas several times a week. When hunting, they will park their vehicles adjacent to the areas where they are working and will post Tri-County Deer Management signs in their vehicles.

Please be respectful of their efforts to decrease the deer population and avoid entering the common areas where the vehicles are parked. People walking through the wooded areas during the hunting process scare the deer, making Tri-County's efforts unsuccessful. The portions of our common areas that are being managed are designated in the following maps: click here. The areas are circled in yellow, and the deer stand locations are indicated in red.

Fishing Creek HOA, Inc. has provided Tri-County Deer Management with written permission to hunt in the common areas of Fishing Creek Farm HOA, Inc. Homeowners and their guests are prohibited from hunting in the common areas of the community.

Please refrain from touching the Tri-County equipment set up in the common areas. Tampering with the equipment creates a safety risk for the hunters and is a prosecutable offense.

Please feel free to contact Tidewater Property Management (fshockley@tidewaterproperty.com) or our community liaison, John Snedeker, snedekjw@gmail.com, with any questions.

Southbreeze Beach

The grant application for the Southbreeze Shoreline Restoration initiative was submitted on time to the Chesapeake Bay Trust on August 25th.  The application is to potentially obtain funding to support the analysis and design of options for addressing the continuing erosion along Southbreeze Beach and to protect the integrity of the Still Pond ecosystem. Awards from this round of grants are expected to be made in late November to early December.

Tree trimming

We are contracting with the Annapolis Tree Company to take down the leaning tree near the path to the CTL beach and do some additional trimming of overhanging branches. They will also be working to reduce the overhanging branches on a couple of trees that line the fence along the HOA property where it begins on Thomas Point Rd.  This work is in response to the Bartlett tree survey that was conducted and reviewed earlier this year.

Also we've learned that BGE is out of funds for any tree work for the remainder of 2022 so that the trees that have been reported along Thomas Point Rd near the entrance to Beachview will most likely not be addressed by BGE until 2023.

Residents Can Request New Recycling Bins


If your yellow recycling bin is either broken (usually hinges) or needs replacement you can get that done easily and at no cost by Anne Arundel County. Simply go to the website below and make a request. You will get an email confirmation of a date when the work will be done. On that day you must put the bin out by the street by 6 am.  That's it!


Board of Directors Meetings 2022

Board of Directors meetings in 2022 will be held once per month on a Monday from 7 to 9 PM. All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend. The meetings are again being held in person at the Clubhouse, but are also available virtually. Links and agendas are posted here closer to the event.

Upcoming 2022 Board Meetings:

Monday, December 19th

Adult Social Committee



Annual FCF Holiday Party

Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022
Location: Fishing Creek Farm Clubhouse
Time: 6-9:30 p.m.
Ticket price: $35 per person (adults only)
RSVP by November 29, 2022

Come celebrate the season at our annual Adult Holiday Party, which traditionally takes place on the first Saturday of December. This year, Wendy Gallo and Deborah Brafford are organizing the event, which will be held at our clubhouse December 3rd from 6:00 to 9:30PM. Main & Market will be catering the party. A tent and heaters will be set up so the deck space can be utilized.

Click on the image below to purchase your tickets before November 29.

Ladies Holiday Luncheon


Ladies Holiday Potluck
Wednesday, December 14th, 12:00 noon
1253 Cherry Tree Lane

Debbie Larsson has graciously offered to host this year's Ladies Holiday Luncheon in her home (1253 Cherry Tree Lane) at noon on Wednesday, December 14th.

All ladies welcome. This is a wonderful opportunity to make friends, meet your neighbors and reconnect during this special time of year. Please plan on bringing your beverage of choice and a dish to share.

RSVP by emailing Debbie at dlarsson@verizon.net by December 9th. Please include what dish you would like to bring so Debbie can coordinate. If you are unable to bring a dish to share, please come anyway - we would love to have everyone there!

New Year's Eve Party


The Holch's
New Years Eve Open House

Join us for cocktails and bites

Details to Follow In December Newsletter

Children's Social Committee

Kids’ Winter Wonderland

FCF Clubhouse
December 10th, 9:30 - 11am

Crafts and Ornament Decorating* 9:30 - 10 am
*Please bring a photo of your child’s face (approx. 2” x 2“) for their FCF tree ornament

Santa Magic Show 10-11am
Photos with Santa before and after the show

Volunteer Needed!
Our dedicated chairperson of the Children's Social Committee will be very pregnant in early December. We are looking for a volunteer to spearhead the Santa Run and give Laura Steppe a reprieve. 



Photo by Jim Reinig

Getting Ready for Winter

The water system at the marina will be shut down for the season on November 17. The power remains on throughout the season to allow power for the ice breaker system.

Please make sure all vessels that will remain in the marina for the winter are properly secured for the season. The marina is not monitored as frequently during the off season and vessel owners should review their vessel on a regular schedule.

Thank you.
Marina Committee

Architecture Committee

Architecture Review
Planning a renovation, building a new home, replacing exterior architecture features, completing a major landscape project?  Please do not forget to submit you application in advance of your project start date.  The Architecture committee meets and reviews completed applications once per month.  The board will review the committee recommendations at the next scheduled board meeting.  Please plan on submitting an application a minimum of 60 days prior to commencing any new work.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

CapEx Committee

The Board and CapEx Committee are in receipt and agreement with the final reserve study report issued by Miller Dodson. That report has been posted to our FCF website (HERE) and is available for review by homeowners. The basic takeaway is that the dues increase voted on and approved last year is very likely sufficient to maintain the various assets of our community at a level which we anticipate will preserve FCF as a premiere waterfront community and maximize home values.

The Board and CapEx Committee do not currently anticipate any major expenditures in 2023 but we are awaiting resolution of the direction and timing for the Southbreeze Beach preservation projects, and legal resolution regarding the HOA responsibility for eventual repair and replacement of the Cherry Tree Lane bulkhead.  The CapEx Committee is constantly updating our internal model to reflect our current plans for necessary expenditures and match the Miller Dodson report where possible.

Clubhouse Committee

Clubhouse Awnings
For those residents who use the clubhouse for private events or meetings, please be aware that the clubhouse awnings have recently been fixed. Please be sure that you retract all the awnings after use or not use them at all during times of windy weather.  Recently, a wind gust caught one of the opened awnings causing it to go off track. It was realigned and both manual cranks were adjusted for easier access. We ask everyone who uses them to be careful to not use them when there is wind.

If they are damaged when you are using them, you will be responsible for paying to have them fixed.

Safety First

Please observe the following safety considerations:

Stopping for the School Bus
There is a school bus stop at the corner of Cherry Tree Lane and Thomas Point Road.  There have been a few incidents in which cars have not stopped when the school bus has been dismissing students, which could have resulted in injury to the students.  Turning onto Cherry Tree Lane in either direction from Thomas Point Road while the bus is stopped at the intersection is against the law.  According to Maryland law, for the safety of students entering and exiting, all vehicles must stop at least 20 feet from a school bus when its flashing red lights are activated or the stop sign emerges. On all roads except divided highways with a median separation, drivers must stop in both directions, according to Maryland law.

No Dogs on the Courts
According to the HOA rules, dogs are not allowed on the tennis/pickle ball courts at any time.

Dogs Must ALWAYS be on Leashes

No Motorized Vehicles Allowed on Beach Path

A new sign was added to the entrance to the beach area path at Smiths Island to remind everyone that no motorized vehicles (e.g. golf carts) should use the path to get down to the beach.  The path is strictly for pedestrian use.

Stop Signs at Cherry Tree Lane

Just a reminder that traffic does not stop on Hidden River View at the intersection of Cherry Tree Lane and Hidden River View Road.  On a regular basis, there continues to be residents not coming to a complete stop when traveling on Cherry Tree Lane.  We have added extra signage that cross traffic does not stop and will continue to explore other options for additional safety at that intersection. All drivers, walkers, cyclers, and any other moving vehicle should stop at the stop signs.

Moving Vehicles to the Right; Pedestrians to the Left - It's the Law
Residents have reported near misses with pedestrians who walk on the right, especially in groups, because they don't see or hear approaching vehicles. Please walk to the left and drive/bike cautiously on the right.

Committee Contacts

Do you want to know who is on what committee?  Do you want to know how to reach a committee member?  All of that information is on our website Committee page which is located here.  On this page you will note that a number of the email addresses are [committee-name/position]@fishingcreekfarm.org. This is part of our ongoing effort to have email addresses that we can use to transition easily from volunteer to volunteer when a position turns over. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this, and thank you to all of our volunteers!

Suggestion Box

If you have an idea on how to make Fishing Creek Farm an even better place, please share it with the Board and your fellow homeowners.  Suggestions are sent to our FCF Board and posted on our website. To access the suggestion box now, Click here.