Special Feature

Meet Your New Neighbors: The Bruhin Family

Laurie and Joe Bruhin, and daughter Kristin, moved into 1227 Cherry Tree Lane on April 29th. They drove by 1227 Cherry Tree Lane, which had a “Coming Soon” sign on its lawn and were both able to see the house the day before it came on the market. “We loved the neighborhood feel, the marina, and other amenities, so, always wanting a ‘lake house,’ 1227 was a perfect fit,” says Laurie. They love the views—the FCF marina in front, and Cherry Tree Cove in the back.

FCF Book Club

The Fishing Creek Farm book club's next meeting date is August 24th at 7:00pm. It will be held virtually through a video conference. The book is Lilac Girls: A Novel, by Martha Hall Kelly. Please contact Susan Magazine susan@magazinefamily.org if you have any questions.  For complete information, including the videoconference connection details, Click here.


Catch the Sunsets with Family or Friends

FCF residents can use the upper deck of the clubhouse to catch sunset views. Bring a picnic lunch or dinner with your family or friends and social distance at this nice spot. There is an awning if you’d like shade. Please bring sanitizing wipes to wipe the furniture you use—both before and after please, just in case.



FCF Pool Open - Reservations and Waivers Required

Pool season is in full swing. We appreciate residents following the additional precautions related to Covid-19, including social distancing requirements and limiting who may use the pool. Only residents living in the community are permitted to use the pool; no guests are allowed, including family members who do not reside in the community.

A reservation system is in place for 2020. This system can be accessed easily on the FCF HOA website by computer or mobile device by clicking hereAll FCF residents must register and make a reservation on this site before using the pool/pool area.

Marina Update

Do you have a guest who needs a transient slip for an evening or two? Our marina has 2 slips available, either of which can accomodate vessels up to 50 feet in overall length. The depth of water at this point of the dock is 8' to accomodate vessels with deeper draft. Our online reservation system allows you to reserve a slip, and pay for it via credit card. Overnight stays are $10 per evening. To make a reservation, or to view where our transient slips are located, click here.

Architectural Change Requests

The Architectural Control Committee reminds all homeowners that many types of changes to the exterior of your home (such as roofing, hardscaping, building a shed, etc.) may require you to file an application and supporting documents with the committee prior to any construction beginning.  To determine if your project does require an application, contact our Board Secretary (boardsecretary@fishingcreekfarm.org).  If your project requires an application and supporting documents, watch the video in this article to get a complete understanding of how to do this.

July 2nd Food Trucks a Great Success

The barbecue and ice cream food trucks event on July 2 went very well, says Chris Evans, who organized the happening. “Several people have asked whether it could be done again in August so I am looking into that possibility,” notes Chris. “Everyone enjoyed their made-to-order barbecue selections and a few folks even ordered enough food for the holiday weekend.” Stay tuned for a RETURN OF THE TRUCKS!

Tidewater Update

Hailey Matthews, CMCA®, Community Association Manager with Tidewater Properties, reported that tick control is on our community paths is underway and is being done every 3 weeks. The Mosquito Community Spray Program, coordinated by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, has been suspended for the 2020 mosquito breeding season. Finally, in addition to the no trespassing signs placed on the sand spit on Cherry Tree Cove, no trespassing signs have been posted on Southbreeze Beach, at the end of Cherry Tree Lane and at the small beach on Smith Island.

From our Board of Directors

Cherry Tree Cove

The Board of Directors held a special meeting with the community to address the issue of boaters rafting up and partying in Cherry Tree Cove, as well as trespassing on FCF private property. Hailey Matthews, Community Association Manager, reports that “Private beach – members only” signs were recently installed on the Cherry Tree Lane Cove to discourage non-residents from coming ashore. We also have a “no wake zone” buoy placed in the cove to replace one that used to be there. The Board is looking into the possibility of hiring an off duty police officer to address this situation. To lodge a complaint, residents can call the Natural Resources Police (NRP) at 410-260-8888 and request a safety boat check. There is no guarantee that the NRP will respond, or respond in a timely fashion, but NRP is the police agency with authority for pleasure craft on the water.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the clubhouse remains closed at this time. The Board will continue to monitor our state's guidance on this.

New Email Addresses

Our Board members and Committee chairs have new FCF email addresses.  These new email addresses make it easier for the community to contact our Board members and Committee chairs.  In addition, as these volunteer positions change hands, the historical information can easily be passed on.  This also has the benefit of not mixing in FCF emails into our volunteers personal email accounts. You can find our new email addresses on the Committee page of our website.  If you have any questions on this, contact Steve Haiman (boardsecretary@fishingcreekfarm.org.

7/28/2020 Board Meeting and May Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors meetings are always open to all homeowners. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, July  28th at 7pm. Now it is even easier to attend.  To join the meeting virtually, click here for the log in information. Also, the approved meeting minutes from the Board's May meeting are now online in our Board of Directors document library.

Committee Contacts

Do you want to know who is on what committee?  Do you want to know how to reach a committee member?  All of that information is on our website Committee page which is located here.  On this page you will note that a number of the email addresses are [committee-name/position]@fishingcreekfarm.org. This is part of our ongoing effort to have email addresses that we can use to transition easily from volunteer to volunteer when a position turns over. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this, and thank you to all of our volunteers!

CapEx Update

The Committee continues to assess asset-priority and urgency-of-repair considerations. This effort will extend into August. Plans are in development for a “listening session/public outreach” event sometime in late July or early August. The session will be advertised though the FCF Website and email.


Suggestion Box

If you have an idea on how to make Fishing Creek Farm an even better place, please share it with the Board and your fellow homeowners.  Suggestions are sent to our FCF Board, and posted on our website. To access the suggestion box now, click here.