New Year, New Home, New Friends, New Baby

New Years is a special time of year for Alyssa and Remy Corvese. On New Year’s Eve 2021 they celebrated their wedding (their 5th and final rescheduled date!), and this year they moved into their new home at 1202 Cherry Tree Lane. Despite moving what seemed like endless boxes, they managed to find time and energy to meet a few neighbors at the Holch’s Annual New Year’s Eve party. Alyssa says they were thankful for the opportunity to begin making new FCF friends and learn about potential playmates for their son. You see, Alyssa and Remy are expecting their first child, a boy, in May!

Why FCF?

Alyssa and Remy both grew up near the water and describe themselves as “outdoor and water people”. Alyssa grew up locally while Remy spent his younger days in RI with frequent trips to Martha’s Vineyard. They first met in NYC and although they loved living in the city, they were ready for a change of pace and more living space than their 500 square foot apartment allowed.

Alyssa’s work soon took them to the Raleigh area in NC but over time, her job evolved so that she could work remotely. When the couple realized that they both could work remotely and live most anywhere, they started looking for an ideal location. They decided on the Annapolis area where Alyssa has family, and they could take advantage of the water and outdoors.

In May 2022, they decided to sell their home in NC. It sold more quickly than they anticipated, and they were soon homeless! They spent several months living with Remy’s parents in Martha’s Vineyard and then several more months in the basement of Alyssa’s parents’ home in Arnold.

The couple stepped up their house search and looked seriously at 10 homes in the Arnold, Severna Park, and Annapolis areas. When a home in FCF came on the market, they were amazed that they had never previously gone beyond Quiet Waters. They loved the amenities of FCF – marina, pool, tennis, wide streets – and knew this could be a perfect place to raise a family and enjoy the outdoors.

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The Couple

Alyssa and Remy met through college friends of Remy’s when they were both living in Hoboken. After only a few weeks of dating, Alyssa met Remy’s parents and before long, they moved to an apartment in Chelsea, Manhattan.

Shortly before the pandemic, Alyssa and Remy decided to marry. But the pandemic forced the couple to change wedding plans multiple times. In all, they changed their plans five times and celebrated in multiple locations – the first in April 2021 was a small minimony with direct family in Cambridge, MD during gale force winds, and the second was a big celebration in St. Pete Beach, FL on New Year’s Eve 2021.

Now that the couple is in Annapolis, they look forward to introducing their little one to Alyssa’s family including grandparents, cousins, and an aunt and uncle in the area. Soon thereafter, they plan get-togethers with Remy’s parents who live in Rhode Island and Florida, and Remy’s sister and her family in Atlanta. Already, a baby shower is scheduled in March at our clubhouse.


Alyssa grew up in Arnold and attended Broadneck high school. She then went on to Bucknell University majoring in Business Management and Chinese. She worked short stints for Goldman Sachs and Johnson & Johnson’s corporate finance department in NYC before transitioning to a smaller start-up company where she specialized in customer success and sales management of subscription services.

In 2017, Alyssa joined Cisco Systems in RTP, NC. Her goal is to ensure Cisco’s largest customers find success and value with their purchases, and she leads multiple teams in this effort. Fortunately, after the couple’s first year in NC, and even before the pandemic, Alyssa’s job evolved to become mostly remote, which allowed great flexibility in working locations and their move to Annapolis.


Remy grew up in Rhode Island but especially enjoyed summers in Martha’s Vineyard. He attended Bates College in Maine where he majored in Economics and Spanish. He has since graduated with an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and specializes in data analytics.

After graduating from college, Remy first worked in the yacht insurance industry where he analyzed market trends and developed strategic marketing approaches. Interestingly, his first introduction to Annapolis was not through Alyssa, but on a business trip to the Annapolis Boat Show.

Remy explains that he enjoyed the travel and perks associated with the yacht insurance industry, but quickly realized that his passion lay in the healthcare industry. Not only is nearly everyone in his family involved with medicine, but Remy wrote his college thesis on trends in the pharmaceutical industry, and he appreciates that healthcare is relatively recession-proof.

Since leaving the yacht industry, Remy has worked for nine years in healthcare consulting analyzing real world data. Most recently, he is working with Forian Inc. to help pharmaceutical and life science companies launch and position products by tracking and analyzing insurance claims data. Like Alyssa, Remy can work primarily from home.


Alyssa and Remy enjoy boating, water sports, golfing, hiking, and outdoor sports in general. As Alyssa explains, a gym workout is good, but exercising outdoors is better. Remy played rugby in college and as adults, both have continued to play soccer. In fact, shortly after they met, Alyssa recruited Remy to play soccer on her mostly Irish soccer team. They continued to play in NY and NC.

Growing up, Remy worked summers at a tennis club in Martha’s Vineyard and he has been attempting to teach Alyssa tennis. Since seeing the FCF tennis/pickleball courts, they are considering taking up pickleball and joining neighborhood players.

Alyssa also enjoys yoga and cooking. Her mom is an excellent chef and Alyssa has followed in her footsteps.

The couple also enjoys travelling. They spent their honeymoon in Sardinia and Sicily and say Italy is their favorite destination. Before their wedding, the couple also spent a wonderful week with Remy’s family in Tuscany.

Both Alyssa and Remy are boaters and would like to have a boat sometime, but as Remy explains, “It’s house and baby first, boat later.”


Keep an eye out for Alyssa and Remy walking their doodles – Martha, a Bernedoodle age 6, and Betty, a Newfypoo, age 4 — and welcome them to the neighborhood! Remember, this summer the walking entourage will grow to include a new baby boy! In the meantime, you will likely catch the friendly couple at FCF events and possibly on the tennis/pickleball court.