FCF Photos

These are photographs submitted by our residents for your enjoyment. Click on images to enlarge.

Picture by Michele Gordon

Winter Sunrise over Cherry Tree Lane. Photo by Eamonn McGeady. Click on Image to Enlarge

Oct 2020 Violent Storm over Harness Creek. Submitted by Roy Collins, photographer unknown

Crescent moon over the South River. Jaklitsch

Heading home on the South River by Rick Jaklitsch.

Rainbows over the Marina. Photos by Eamonn McGeady. Click on Images to Enlarge

Sunset over Cherry Tree Cove by Shelly Jaklitsch

Sunset looking over Cherry Tree Cove and South River. Rick Jaklitsch.

Baltimore: A short ride from Fishing Creek Farm. Submitted by Rick Jaklitsch.

Standing guard on FCF dock by Rick Jaklitsch.