About Wallace Management

Contact information:
Wallace Management
PO Box 3490
Annapolis, MD 21403
(410) 268-0336
Mary Wallace, president (walla70@comcast.net)



  • Prepares Meeting Packages for Board
  • Attends scheduled Board of Directors Meetings as per contract
  • Prepares for and attend Annual Meetings or Special Meetings; assure that all meeting requirements and notices follow Maryland Law.
  • Maintains computerized data base of homeowner information, including architectural changes, phone calls, and work orders
  • Accepts, investigate and respond to homeowner calls and correspondence
  • Assists in identifying liability and risk exposure on the common areas
  • Promptly responds to claims of damage to the common property
  • Provides 24-hour emergency phone contact service if needed
  • Follows the community’s procedures for enforcement of community rules and regulations
  • Processes Insurance Claims
  • Maintains and stores all community records
  • Provides options for payment of assessments- e-check, charge card, automatic debit
  • Prepares monthly financial statements: Balance sheet, Income and Expense Statement, General Ledger and Delinquency Report
  • Prepares a draft of the annual budget
  • Monthly reconciliation of the association’s bank accounts
  • Manages accounts payable
  • Prepares year-end materials for auditor for both audit and taxes; provide the auditor with access to all records
  • Assists association in obtaining and implementing a professional Reserve Study to determine the remaining useful life of common elements
  • Follows the collection policy of each community to include applying late fees, sending our late letter reminders and final warnings
  • Works with the Board to limit the delinquency rate; coordinates collection proceedings with the association’s attorney and represents community in court as necessary
  • Acts as the liaison between the Board of Directors and the Homeowners
  • Conducts weekly property inspections of common areas; issue a report of deficiencies to the Board
  • Obtains competitive bids for service at request of the Board and act as the liaison between the Board and contractors
  • Manages and supervise contracts awarded by the Board of Directors including ground maintenance, snow removal, building maintenance, pest control and improvement projects
  • Supervises maintenance of common areas, common facilities and equipment
  • Assists with the preparation of bid specifications and negotiate contract terms for contract services