2019/2020 Deer Management Program

Dear Homeowners:

I am writing on behalf of the Fishing Creek Farm HOA, Inc. Board of Directors. Below, please find a notice announcing the 2019/2020 Deer Management Program.

The Board is working with Tri-County Deer Management, an organized group of bow hunters, who aid communities in their efforts to manage the deer population within the community. The bow hunters must demonstrate their bow hunting proficiency and take ongoing bow hunting safety courses. Tri-County Deer Management and its members are insured, listing Fishing Creek Farm as an additional insured. The hunters set elevated stands in the common area trees, so they have a downward trajectory, shooting their target from less than 20 yards away. The program runs from September 6, 2019 through January 31, 2020.

The Association is providing Tri-County Deer Management with access to the community common areas an hour before the first light of dawn through 9 AM and afternoons from 3 PM until an hour after dark. The hunters will be in the community a couple of times a week. When hunting, they will park their vehicles adjacent to the areas where they are working and will post Tri-County Deer Management signs in their vehicles. Please be respectful of their efforts to decrease the deer population and avoid entering the common areas where the vehicles are parked. People walking through the wooded areas during the hunting process scare the deer, making Tri-County’s efforts unsuccessful.

Fishing Creek HOA, Inc. has provided Tri-County Deer Management with written permission to hunt in the common areas of Fishing Creek Farm HOA, Inc. Homeowners and their guests do not have permission to hunt in the common areas and are prohibited from hunting in the common areas of the community.

Homeowners have the option to exclude the area around their Lot from the program by contacting me at walla70@comcast.net or by calling 410-268-0336.

Please refrain from touching the Tri-County equipment set up in the common areas. Tampering with the equipment creates a safety risk for the hunters and is a prosecutable offense.

Thank you; please contact Wallace Management with any questions.


Mary Wallace, Managing Agent