FCF to Receive $2.8 Million in Shoreline Erosion Control!

Anne Arundel County recently selected Bayland Consultants to receive $2.8 million to control shoreline erosion in the most sensitive areas of Fishing Creek Farm. The funding will support the implementation of “living shorelines” along 3,625 linear feet around the Fishhook/Smiths Island and the unprotected portion of the eastside of Cherry Tree Cove (see conceptual designs). This is a great opportunity to protect our community open space areas. Between 1995-2016, these two areas have lost 3.6 acres to erosion.

The project will also improve the Chesapeake Bay as it is projected to prevent thousands of pounds of nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment from polluting the Bay. Anne Arundel County is using funding generated through its stormwater fee and other sources to support this and other projects throughout the County. Please look out for an official announcement from the County soon.

Living shorelines use a combination of rock and marsh plantings to slow down wave action to slow erosion. The Land Use Committee and Bayland Consultants will hold a community kick-off meeting soon to more fully present the project details and answer questions. The Land Use Committee will also host meetings and provide updates throughout the project period. The project is currently designed to be completed in December 2020.

To see the concept designs, click here.

For additional information, click here.

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  1. Nancy Haiman

    Eric and team,
    Huge thanks for your hard work on this. We can only imagine the number of hours and expertise that were required. This is an amazing victory.