Kayak/Paddle Board Rack and Trailer Stickers

Thank you to all of the kayak and trailer owners who have submitted the paper work for a registration sticker. If you have yet to do so, and have a trailer or a kayak/paddle board on the racks, please submit your registration paper work to our Board Treasurer (boardtreasurer@fishingcreekfarm.org)

The Stickers are free of charge and are for kayaks/paddleboards using the storage racks and boat trailers using the boat ramp. The registration form is available by clicking on the button below. Applications may be returned electronically, or by USPS mail. Trailer Owners: Please place the sticker within a few inches of the hitch. Kayak and Paddleboard owners please place the sticker on the end of your craft so it is visible from the front of the rack.

Please contact our Board Treasurer with any questions.