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    We have noticed that the noise level coming from Cherry Tree Cove seems louder than usual with boaters. The other day one neighbor said he counted over 25 boats leaving our cove. My guess is that these boats were not from the neighborhood. The music and engine noise carries. Last night as we tried to enjoy our daughter’s graduation celebration, it sounded like a Nascar race coming from the cove.  Is there any way we can address this problem? I remember years ago we had a policeman on the beach to discourage this kind of activity. Thanks!


    Deborah Brafford

    There is nothing we can do about the noise on the public waterway.  We are having “private beach – members only” signs placed on the shoreline to discourage non-residents from coming ashore.  We are also having a “no wake zone” buoy placed in the cove to replace one that used to be there.



    While we may not be able to reduce noise on a public waterway, we can restrict access to the FCF beach and/or politely ask that music be limited (some people may not be aware that music travels well over water). In years past, FCF has retained an off-duty police officer during summer hours to infrequently monitor the community, including the beach.  While this may be helpful in limiting boaters in the cove and politely (and with some authority) request those who remain to reduce noise, we should also investigate what property FCF can actually regulate.  Recommend that the Board consider retaining limited off-duty support to monitor FCF shoreline and neighborhood property.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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