FCF Temporary Rules for Use of the Pool

Effective June 13, 2020

The following temporary Rules (the “Temporary Rules”) are being implemented to ensure safety of all Owners and Residents (collectively “Residents”) from the spread of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 (“COVID-19”) in conjunction with their use of the Fishing Creek Farm Pool. Reference to the “Pool” shall include the fenced in deck area around the Pool itself.

The Association and Pool Operator are complying with all federal, state and local government orders, directives and guidance for community Pools in conjunction with COVID-19 (“Government Requirements”). These Rules are being issued in conjunction with the Government Requirements for the 2020 Pool Season. These Rules are subject to change throughout the 2020 Pool Season as circumstances and applicable Government Requirement are updated.

Rules for Patrons for the 2020 Pool Season (to augment FCF Pool Rules ):

  • Capacity at the Pool is currently set at 22 individuals. If the Pool is at capacity, no other Residents will be permitted until capacity is reduced.
  • Only FCF residents whose permanent address is within the community are permitted to use the Pool at this time because of limited capacity. Family residents not residing permanently in the community are not permitted use at this time.
  • An online reservation system is in use for the Summer 2020 Pool season and can be found on the FCF website. All patrons must register on this site before entering the Pool area. This is required by the State of Maryland in order to regulate capacity and provide contact tracing information, if necessary. If someone who has used the Pool subsequently tests positive within 14 days of using the Pool, individuals at the Pool on that date and time may be contacted by the Health Department.
  • Residents should not schedule more than 5-7 days in advance and limit advance reservations to 4 times per week to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the Pool at their desired times.
  • Residents are limited to one time slot per day and should be mindful of allowing equitable access to “high demand” times like weekend evenings. Additional “day of” sign-ups are appropriate if space is available. Please promptly cancel your reservation if plans change.
  • Because it is not possible for the Association to prevent Residents from contracting COVID-19, individuals using the Pool do so at their own risk. All Residents must complete the Association’s “Resident Release of Liability for COVID-19 at Association Pool” acknowledging and assuming the risk and releasing the Association and Pool Operator from liability as a result of their use of the Pool. It is recommended that higher risk persons refrain from visiting the Pool.
  • Residents who themselves are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, (including, but not limited to congestion, cough, fever, loss of taste or smell and/or gastrointestinal issues) or are living with someone who has been experiencing the aforementioned symptoms; and individuals who have been in contact with someone in the last 14 days who tested positive for COVID-19, are not permitted to visit the Pool.
  • Physical distancing guidelines by federal, state and local governments requiring individuals from separate households to maintain 6 (six) feet between them must be observed at all times at the Pool, including Pool Lifeguard staff. Please refrain from socializing with Pool Lifeguards while they are on duty.
  • Bathroom use is limited to one person or household group at a time. Residents are asked to use the provided disinfectant to wipe down knobs, door handles, and faucets after use.
  • Residents are encouraged to bring their own chairs to the Pool area. The area next to the deep end and grassy areas will be left open to accommodate chairs brought from home. Chairs must be placed 6 (six) feet award from those of other households. Personal chairs cannot be stored at the Pool. Limited FCF furniture will be available and placed to allow for social distancing. This furniture is not disinfected in between use. residents are encouraged to use the provided disinfectant to wipe down furniture before and after use. Do not move any FCF furniture without approval from the Pool Lifeguard on duty.
  • Residents are encouraged to wear face masks at the Pool. Face masks should not be used in the water. A face mask is required to be worn when interacting with individuals from separate households or other third parties, including Pool Lifeguards, and when entering enclosed areas, including the Clubhouse and restrooms.
  • Residents are strongly encouraged to frequently use soaps and hand sanitizers distributed throughout the Pool.
  • Parents/guardians must remain within close proximity (approximately 10 feet) of children 7 years old and under while on the Pool deck, in the Pool, and in the bathrooms. Children are not to be left unattended at any time.
  • Residents are encouraged to consume food outside of the Pool area if possible. If food is consumed in the Pool area, spills must be thoroughly cleaned (furniture, Pool deck, etc.) and trash placed into appropriate receptacles prior to leaving the Pool area. The lifeguard has too many additional duties this year to clean up after residents. Please be respectful.
  • No shared equipment will be available, including the refrigerator, water cooler, and recreational equipment (e.g. ping pong table, basketballs, corn hole, etc.). All toys or floats brought to the Pool should not be shared outside of household residents and must be taken when leaving the facility. Only valuable items left behind (e.g., eyeglasses, watches, jewelry) will be retained by Pool Lifeguard as lost and found. Remaining items (e.g. goggles, toys, towels) will be disposed of daily.
  • The children’s’ Pool is closed by order of the Governor.
  • No Pool parties or community events are allowed in the Pool area for the 2020 Pool season.
  • Throughout the day, the Pool Lifeguard will occasionally require everyone to get out of the water in order to sanitize the entire Pool.
  • Residents shall report any possible violations of the Temporary Rules to the Pool Lifeguard and the Community Association Manager, Hailey Matthews, at hmatthews@tidewaterproperty.com (Tidewater Property Management).
  • If there is a violation of any of the aforementioned Temporary Rules, the Association, and/or the Pool Operator, including the Pool Lifeguard, have the right to close the Pool until further notice.