Architectural Change

Any change you make to the exterior of your home requires that you file an architectural change request with the Board. The Tidewater Property Management system makes this easy to do.  Once you have filed it, and it has been reviewed by the Board and our Architectural Control Committee (ACC), you will be notified if the change has been accepted or denied, or if additional documents are needed.

To make this easier to do, we have listed below the typical documents you will need for various architectural changes.  If you do not see your project type, contact the Board for clarification by writing to our ACC at If this is your first time through this process, take a moment to familiarize yourself with it by watching this introductory video:

STEP 1: Determine the required documents you need to submit with your application:

The first step in making your application is to determine what support documents you will need to submit such as site plans, vendor contracts, photographs, etc. along with your application.

Choose from the list below to see what documents are required. If you do not see your application, click here:



If you do not find your change type from the list above, fill out the form below. The Architectural Committee will get back to you quickly with the list of document requirements your particular application will need.

How to track your application

  1. Log onto the Tidewater Platform by clicking on the Tidewater Portal menu item located to the left.
  2. Click on Association Business then Architectural Control