Stop Signs

Dear Community Members,

By now, it is likely you noticed the Stop sign at the intersection of Cherry Tree Lane and Hidden River View has changed position.  Drivers traveling on Cherry Tree LN are required to stop at the intersection.

A number of community members contacted the Board concerned about the speed vehicles traveled down Cherry Tree LN.  Out an abundance of concern for safety, owners requested a 4-way stop at the intersection.

The two roads are Anne Arundel County roads; therefore the County has control over the signage on the roads.  The County agreed to conduct a traffic survey with video surveillance.  The County determined the level of traffic at the intersection did not merit a 4-way stop but, determined switching the location of the signs was appropriate.

Drivers are encouraged to remain alert when approaching the intersection of Cherry Tree LN; drivers turning from Hidden River View RD onto Cherry Tree LN are encouraged to slow down before making the turn.

Wallace Management