Neighborhood Trees

From Wallace Management…

Many of the trees lining the community streets are overgrown.  Some are creating an obstruction for passing delivery trucks and some obstruct sight at the community intersections. The street trees were planted by the developer on individual lots.  Each lot owner is responsible for maintaining the trees adjacent to the street on their lot.

The branches of street trees should be elevated to approximately eleven (11) feet to provide adequate clearance for delivery trucks. Trees at the intersections should be elevated to allow for good vision at each intersection. Please inspect the trees adjacent to the street on your lot.  Make plans to address them to ensure for the safe passage of delivery trucks and drivers along the streets of the community.

Below, please find the names of several area tree experts.  It is recommended you use a licensed and insured tree professional, obtain three (3) proposals and request references prior to signing an agreement. Neighbors may wish to combine efforts, hiring the same contractor, in hope of providing the tree professional with bulk work and decreasing the price per owner.

Tree Professionals:

  • Annapolis Tree, Louie and Juraj  (410) 897-7633
  • Recinos Landscaping and Tree Service (410) 858-3534
  • Charles K. Abbott Tree Service (410)268-3844
  • Richard’s Tree Service  (410) 757-5793
  • Bay Tree Service (410) 266-5696

Thank you; please contact my office with any questions.

Mary Wallace

Wallace Management
PO Box 3490
Annapolis, MD 21403
(410) 268-0336