From Wallace Management

Vehicle Security:The officers that patrol the community throughout the year, notified me there have been numerous Theft From Auto and Stolen Auto Sprees throughout the county over the last month. Until recently, they have not been in the greater Annapolis Area. Over the last few nights specifically, there have been multiple reports of Theft From Autos in the Spa Rd/Hilltop area of Annapolis City. A vehicle was stolen from Tyler Ave., the area by Annapolis Seafood. The vehicle was left unlocked, with the key inside. That vehicle then was used and dumped in the commission of other crimes. These things tend to happen in waves. The police note the thieves crash through a neighborhood, collecting electronics and money until they come up with an easy vehicle to snatch. Avoid becoming a victim and take proper precautions. Lock your cars, keep your house secure, make sure your cameras and alarms are operational and be vigilant. 

Architectural Control: Thank you for continuing to honor the association’s governing documents by submitting architectural alteration applications for exterior changes and improvements prior to commencing work. Any exterior change, including but not limited to additions, patios, walkways, deck alterations and color changes require the submission of an application. Applications submitted are usually provided a response within 72 hours of submission. Applications may be found on the Fishing Creek Farm HOA community website or by contacting Wallace Management at