Project Fleri – What makes it unique!

What makes us different? 

  • 0% of donations go to overhead costs 
  • You see exactly where your money is going through our sponsorship programs and financial transparency 
  • We have a holistic approach to child care, creating individualized goals for each child. 
  • We are working with Haitian government
  • Full time team of social workers
  • We are a family home. 
    • How so? The set up of the house is designed to create space for time spent together. We also have married foster parents, who parent the children as their own.
    • We believe children flourish in a family environment and that is exactly what we have created in Vivy Michelle. 
  • Our education sponsorship program. Not only are we dedicated to helping the in need of fostering or alternative family options, we are supporting families throughout the Vivy Michelle community flourish. 
  • Job opportunities. Project Fleri believes that there are many kids in Haiti that are in need of an alternative family option due to being orphaned or living in harm’s way. Although we are passionate about fostering children in our welcome house, we are also passionate about ending “poverty orphans.” A poverty orphan is an “orphan” who is really not orphaned at all but is sent to an institution to be raised because a mother or father cannot afford to care for them. Our job creation model is created to prevent this. Instead of offering struggling mothers a home for their child we are offering them a stable job opportunity to help their child flourish in their home!!! 
    • This is different than other organizations because we are offering ALL children from all different life situations a chance to flourish, whether that is welcoming them into our foster family or empowering their biological families to thrive. Having both family options available allows for our social workers to make welfare decisions for each child on a case by case basis to ensure the best situation for that child. 

Future things/notes: 

    • Our business and it’s sustainability. Recycling plastic is a way to not only hire struggling members of our community. It is also obviously a way to help the environment!!! It is impossible to estimate the enormous amounts of plastic burned into the air in Haiti every day. In addition to this, the plastic waste has turned so much beautiful land into a trash can. If we can clean some of this up, imagine how this could affect people’s perception of the country as a whole. 
      • How can we collect the waste? By empowering members in our community to recycle. For each bag of plastic waste recycled and collected by our program the collector gets $1. A very simple way for Haitians to earn some extra money while also cleaning up our community. 100% of the profits from the business go to the community. All employees receive wages in order to provide for their families. This is not a business making a few rich. It is a business supporting an entire community. 
      • How amazing if this project of cleaning up the streets in Vivy Michelle attracts more investors to the community ultimately growing the economy in so many ways. Maybe Haitians start to move back from the states. Maybe we expand the project to other parts of Haiti 
    • Partnership with Health-e-charity. Project Fleri is launching Health-e-charity’s first partnership in Haiti. 
      • Why is this huge? Every child/adult in our program has instant access to a medical consultation through the platform, which connects doctors from all over the world that are willing to serve virtually. 
    • Vivy Michelle opportunities. Our house in Vivy Michelle is within a couple miles of the U.S. embassy and numerous universities and trade schools to ensure children can flourish in their adult lives. Children have an easy path in transitioning to higher education after high school, whether this is going to a U.S. university, a trade school, or a Haitian University. We can easily send participants to school for a wide variety of degrees and specialties. 
    • Land near the house for sale with possibilities for putting out business. We could get containers donated from possibly the port in Baltimore, which we could use to make our buildings. Why containers? They are cheap, low maintenance,  and earthquake proof. 
      • What if we could make an arrangement with the port there so we can start importing and exporting goods from Haiti? Could have a monthly goods sale/ party in the states
    • Connecting with local businesses in Annapolis to sell Haitian made goods. 
    • Give sponsors the English school sponsorship option
    • St. Louis school goals. 
      • School Lunch Program. Estimated $875 a month.
      • Solar panels 
      • English school. What if we helped make an english school that kids and adults can pay to attend in the evenings. Dinio could teach? Good job for him maybe. (Dinio continues motorbike rental business, takes classes at Inuka college for business, and makes extra money teaching english) 
    • Inuka College. Need to look up prices to send kids there. 
    • Quarterly newsletter 
    • Housing for Project Fleri graduates… connection with Remax? 
    • Business and employee contracts covered by our lawyers. 


  • Father’s girls orphanage is not covered by a 501c3. Worth putting under our wing and hiring Charlie’s family to be our foster parents. 


  • Reach out to congressmen to discuss making F-1 visas an easier process. 


  • We need to do a lot more investigating with the plastic melting. We don’t want to be burning plastic into the air. 
  • Lack of traffic by the welcome house. Where to build a cafe or business> 
  • We should pay for Margot’s house $1,000