Our next generation FCF website going live March 10th!

The FCFHOA Board is excited to inform you about the latest advance in intra-FCF-community communication!  At this year’s annual meeting we are rolling out the next generation of our Fishing Creek Farm website.  It is packed with new features, including an entire customized secure, private (FCF only), and ad-free social network.  We think it will make it easy for you to connect with your neighbors, announce your parties, share your thoughts, and provide a new level of communication for just residents of FCF.

Our new website is in direct response to the needs of  our community for great homeowner-to-homeowner communication in a secure, totally private (FCF only), and completely ad-free environment, where your postings are completely protected and can be seen only by other FCF homeowners. We look forward to introducing this to you next Sunday at the annual meeting!!

The Fishing Creek Farm Board

You may have already signed up for a social networking platform called NextDoor, been invited to join it, or heard the buzz about it.  For instance, some of you may have received a flyer or email appearing to be an endorsement by Barbara Holch or others in our community. They were unaware these notices were being sent using their names and they do not actually endorse the NextDoor platform.

NextDoor’s privacy policy can be read here (https://legal.nextdoor.com/us-privacy-policy/ ) This policy allows NextDoor to repurpose your personal data in ways you may not want or expect.  Also, It is a totally ad driven platform (similar to Facebook) and the number of ads and personal targeting that you are exposed to can be overwhelming.

Finally, any post you make on the platform is available to anyone on the NextDoor platform, not just our community.  Considering the security, privacy and no-ad environment of the FCF website, you may want to consider deactivating and deleting your NextDoor account and using our new FCF website.  Instructions on how to deactivate are located here: https://help.nextdoor.com/s/article/How-to-deactivate-or-delete-your-account?language=en_US . Please note that Nextdoor makes it relatively simple to deactivate, but you need to send them an email requesting that your personal data be actually deleted.