STEP 2: Here are the core documents that you will need to install fencing, if applicable to your project:

  1. Provide a description and a to scale property site plan locating proposed fencing, screening or wall, including materials, gates, height and construction.
  2. If connecting to, or near an existing neighbor’s fence, provide a description of the existing neighbor’s fencing on both sides of the property, including design, height and materials.
  3. When near or on the property line show adjacent neighbors any planned construction or improvements.
  4. Provide photos of the area to be modified.
  5. When required by AA County, provide the permit documents.
  6. Provide your completed change request application.  Click here to download the application now.

STEP 3: Make your application

When you have all your required support documents in hand, and are ready to make your application, you may either submit your documents and application electronically, mail, or by fax.

To submit your documents electronically, click on the button below:

To submit your documents by mail or by fax please send to the following:

Architectural Change Request
Tidewater Property Management, Inc.
3600 Crondall Lane, Suite 100 Owings Mills, MD 21117-2231
Office: 443-548-0191
Fax: 443-548-0196

How to track your application

  1. Log onto the Tidewater Platform by clicking on the Tidewater Portal menu item located to the left.
  2. Click on Association Business then Architectural Control