FCF Focus Group

Early this year Fishing Creek Farm (FCF) homeowners participated in a survey that sought their opinions on FCF amenities and communication preferences and effectiveness.

We’ll review the survey findings at the Fishing Creek Farm annual meeting on March 15th. In the meantime we’d like your help.

Although the survey revealed a lot of useful statistical information, we would like to have an informal conversation with homeowners about their preferences regarding amenities such as the clubhouse, swimming pool, boat ramp, marina, tennis court and others.

We also want to learn more from homeowners about communication issues—how we can listen better and how we can communicate to homeowners better.

The association board of directors asked me to facilitate an informal discussion with homeowners about the amenities and communication issues. The discussion will take place at the clubhouse on March 3rd at 6:30PM and will be for only one hour. I will communicate a summary of our discussion at the annual meeting. What you say at the informal discussion is confidential. I will not reveal what any individual said at that meeting.

Please let me know if you can or can’t participate in this conversation. We’re limited on the number of people who can participate.

For your background I’m a management consultant to large companies. I specialize in helping leaders execute their business strategies. I’ve conducted surveys for more than 40 companies including FedEx, Hallmark Cards, IBM, Mayo Clinic, Nordstrom, Perdue Farms, Safeway, Sara Lee and Toyota.

I look forward to our conversation. If you would like to participate, please click on email address link below or call 410-268-7050.

Jim Shaffer