Connect to Your Neighbors Through Our Website

One of our most frequent questions is how can I use the website to connect to my neighbors.  We thought we’d take this chance to point out a few of the ways to do just that.  Here are just a few of the possibilities:

Online Directory

Our online directory has up to date contact information for every adult owning property in Fishing Creek Farm, including cell numbers, email addresses, boat information, and a whole lot more.  You can search by last name, first name, or address.  For address, just type in the property number, not the whole street address.  For instance, to find out who owns 3672 Thomas Point Road, just type in 3672 and you’ll find the listing for the 2 owners of that property.  The online directory can be accessed from the member only main menu.

“Neighborhood Talk”

If you want to share your thoughts, questions, or comments with the whole neighborhood instead, the “neighborhood talk” feature is just for this purpose. The “Talk” feature can be accessed from the member only main menu. When you add your contribution to this tool, it becomes part of the neighborhood conversation. “Talk” contributions are moderated, and a weekly summary will be sent out by email to you. And when you reply to someone’s “Talk” posting, that reply gets added to the conversation “thread”, and automatically emailed to the person who posted the conversation “thread”.

User’s “Walls”

Email is great, but sometimes you want to add a comment or thought online, as you may do through Facebook.  To do that couldn’t be easier.  Look someone up through our online directory, then click on the menu item called “Wall”.  Add your comments, and they will be added to the user’s wall, and sent by email to them as well.  Couldn’t be easier to connect.