Meet Your New Neighbors: The Pittman/Theoharis Family

On April 15, Sarah Pittman and Chris Theoharis, and their children George (just turned 2) and Stella (age 9 months), moved into 3303 Hidden River View Road.

“My Annapolitan co-workers said Fishing Creek Farm was a lovely place to live so we had it on our radar,” says Sarah. “We visited the neighborhood even before our new house came on the market and thought it was beautiful.” The moment Sarah and Chris drove into the driveway of 3303, they knew they would make an offer. “We wanted to be close to the water and enjoy the beautiful walk down to the marina, the many kids in the area, and the cul de sacs and streets with low traffic,” says Chris. “And we love that each house in Fishing Creek Farm has a unique character.”

Sarah and Chris are maintaining their condo in Northeast D.C., near the H St. corridor, where they lived for many years and through the birth of their first child. When George was nearly a year old, and Sarah pregnant with their second child, more room would be needed. So they moved to historic Maywood in north Arlington and rented for a year, pending buying a home soon.

Professional Lives

Sarah is Senior Vice President and branch manager for the Annapolis Morgan Stanley office, located in Eastport. Having been with Morgan Stanley since 2012, she oversees the Eastern Shore offices as well. After graduating from the University of Virginia as an Echols Scholar, she worked for private equity firm Arcapita, based in Bahrain.

Chris is an IT Project Manager working with the Department of State on software applications for the agency’s grants to not-for-profit organizations around the world. “My team helps build, support, and maintain the system that the State Department uses to track U.S. taxpayer dollars that provide aid for such efforts as refugee resettlement and de-mining.” Chris is an independent contractor with HighPoint, a consulting firm, and has worked with the State Department as his client in this capacity for nine years.

Also a member of the family is Bali, an 11-year old bichon frise. “She’s a world traveler and lived overseas with us in Bahrain from 2008 to 2011,” notes Sarah. Does Bali like the kids? “Well, she loves being near all of us, but is getting older and is on pins and needles around the kids who have been known to grab a handful of fur.”

Sarah and Chris met at the University of Virginia 14 years ago. Sarah grew up in Virginia, moving around because her father was in the Coast Guard and Navy. Chris grew up in the Newport News/Hampton Roads area of Virginia. “I have a lot of family and ties to the D.C. metro area. The Theoharises are a big Greek clan, with family members throughout Maryland in Frederick, Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Vienna, Virginia (and now Annapolis!),” he says.

At-Home Life

In their free time you might find Sarah or Chris strolling with their kids and nanny Jamanda Crossland, who has worked with them since the birth of their son and is also part of the family. “Jamanda is a light in our house every day, bringing such joy and happiness to us and our children,” says Sarah.

Even with two young children, Sarah and Chris make time for fun. They like hiking, backpacking, camping, and water sports including surfing and standup paddle boarding.” We love cooking and wine and just love being active,” says Sarah. Chris trained extensively in the sport of olympic weightlifting—and previously was a strength and conditioning coach. “Right now I’m keen to finish building out our garage gym so we have a comfortable space to train. Neighbors will be welcome to join as things return to normal!” says Chris.

They are big soccer and rock climbing fans as well. “We have backpacks and go all over the place–from West Virginia mountains to hike and climb, to beach camping for surfing,” describes Sarah. This past Thanksgiving holiday, they rented an RV and hit the road with the kids, camping at different State Parks as they headed south along the spine of Virginia. “We were dead tired when we got back, but we had a great time,” says Sarah.

Chris and Sarah like making and listening to music. “Chris dabbles with bass, guitar, and percussion and we’re both into a wide variety of music. We’ve been listening to a lot of funk and jazz lately,” says Sarah. As for food, “We love anything off the grill or over a fire,” says Chris, who has “taken over the family’s Greek tradition of spit roasting lamb for Easter.” Sushi and seafood are also high on their “favorite foods” list.

“We’re thrilled to be here and look forward to getting out of quarantine to meet all our neighbors. We want to be active in the community and get integrated, so we’re looking forward to things returning to a more normal situation.”

Three cheers for that and welcome Sarah, Chris, George, Stella, and Jamanda !!!!!

Written by Nancy Haiman – June 21st, 2020

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