Meet your new neighbors: The Bruhin Family

Laurie and Joe Bruhin, and daughter Kristin, moved into 1227 Cherry Tree Lane on April 29—the second month of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. “Things have been crazy given the virus,” says Joe. “It takes longer to get things done, but you have to roll with the punches and it’s all good now,” says Laurie.

The Bruhins previously lived in the small town of Victor, N.Y. (approximately 20 miles southeast of Rochester), where Joe worked as CIO and Senior Vice President for Constellation Brands. The firm has headquarters in Victor.

The Family

Joe and Laurie’s youngest child, Kristin, is a 2020 graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT, with a degree in Exercise Science. She plans to work in the medical field and pursue a graduate degree.

The Bruhin’s oldest child Matthew (age 27), is a software engineer with Boston-based Athena Health. He is working remotely from Portland, Oregon, where he moved with his girlfriend Hannah, who is doing her pediatrics residency at Oregon Health and Sciences University Hospital.

Their middle child, Amanda (age 24), remains in Victor, N.Y. A graduate of the University of Vermont with a degree in Veterinary Science (she loves horses and dogs), she is pursuing a career in real estate.

Not surprisingly, the rest of the family also likes animals. They count among family members living in their new home: Kevin, a hand-reared cockatiel, who was acquired when they lived outside of Sydney, Australia; and Zoey, a 23-pound Boston Terrier mix, who was united with the family through Joyful Rescues, a nonprofit animal rescue group in upstate New York. “Zoey is like another child. She has no idea that she’s a dog, so don’t tell her she is, if you meet her on a walk,” jokes Laurie.

Why Fishing Creek Farm?

Needing to relocate for Joe’s new job, the Bruhins were attracted to the Annapolis area for its warmer climate and boating, which Joe and Kristin especially love. “We wanted waterfront property, but were finding that the houses we loved sold before they came on the market, and those that were on the market for a long time needed more love than we were prepared to give,” says Joe.

They drove by 1227 Cherry Tree Lane, which had a “Coming Soon” sign on its lawn and were both able to see the house the day before it came on the market. “We loved the neighborhood feel, the marina, and other amenities, so, always wanting a ‘lake house,’ 1227 was a perfect fit,” says Laurie. They love the views—the FCF marina in front, and Cherry Tree Cove in the back.

“We are happy to be here because Annapolis is closer to family and friends, many of whom will be able to pass through Annapolis to visit,” says Laurie. The Bruhins have lived in Connecticut, overseas in Sydney and London, and many other places. Says Joe, “We’re settling down, and this is our ‘swan song’ house and home, in which we hope to be for the rest of our lives.”

Professional Lives

Laurie is a health educator and registered Dietician with a B.S. in Clinical Dietetics from the University of Connecticut and an M.S. in Nutrition from Boston University. She has extensive professional experience and particularly enjoys working with the elderly. She currently is taking a break from that work in nursing homes given the move and Covid-19.

Joe is now Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Breakthru Beverage Group, which has large offices in Linthicum (where Joe works), Chicago, New York, and Denver, among other places. A family-owned and operated firm, it’s one of the nation’s top three beverage alcohol distributors. “I’ve been working in the beverage alcohol industry for public companies for 20 plus years, previously and most recently on the supply side,” says Joe. “Now I’ve switched to the distribution side with a private firm and love it.”

At-Home Lives

Boating is the first interest mentioned by Joe: “We’re bringing our boat down from New York and will put it in the marina across the way. Right now, it’s getting repaired in New Jersey after hitting a log in the Hudson (groan).”  Both Laurie and Joe love tennis, which Joe jokingly calls “a different kind of endless love” and Laurie notes as a “great way to both have fun and meet people.”

The Bruhins also love traveling and visiting friends and family. “We read a lot,” says Joe, and like to walk and hike. Their musical interests include Billy Joel and Elton John, the latter whom they saw live in Albany during his last tour. “We’re pretty eclectic, but mostly the 70s and 80s music—classic rock,” says Joe. Kevin the bird likes classical music, which calms him down, notes Laurie. “He’s making a lot of bird friends in the neighborhood, who look at him while sitting on our balcony.”

As for food and beverages, Laurie and Joe prefer wine to mixed drinks and love Mexican food. Joe likes to watch movies: “They are an escape where you can let the pressures of the week wash away.” He cites The Godfather series as his favorite. Laurie likes action and mystery movies.

As for athletic interests, you may see Kristin in their backyard doing flips and other maneuvers. She’s a competitive cheerleader and national champion, having been on the Sacred Heart University team that won the College Cheerleading National Championship in the small school Division 1 Category in January 2020.

This victory was “kind of like a Cinderella story,” describes Laurie. In Sacred Heart’s first year of competing in the national championship, the school placed 15th out of 16 schools. Then their coach stepped up all the practices and weightlifting requirements, and by Kristin’s senior year the team was able to “hit,” i.e., a perfect score, with no deductions, in the national competition (see

Kristin also enjoys traveling, being active, and spending time outside with friends.

The Bruhins are really looking forward to getting to know everybody in the neighborhood. “We plan to be here for a long time,” says Joe.

Written by Nancy Haiman – July 12th, 2020

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