Marina Update

The Marina Committee has been hard at work for you, and here is an update of what is happening at our dock from our co-chairs Jason Horst and Mike Casillo.


  • Dock power washed –  The boards have just been scrubbed and power washed to remove algae and mold that made the boards slippery when wet. The results are stunning as you see in the above picture. Thank you to our marina co-chair Jason Horst for spearheading this effort.
  • Water system commissioned – The water to the dock has been turned on. There was one break over the winter which has been fixed. Please make sure to run your water for a minute to clear any residual antifreeze from your hose bib.
  • Pump out commissioned– The pump out has been serviced and is ready for your use.
  • Ice eaters removed and refurbished – A team of volunteers removed from the dock, cleaned, replaced the zincs, and stored out 9 ice eaters.  Thanks to everyone who helped out, including several of our youth.

Boathouse replacement

Next up, Bob McGraw, who is spearheading the effort to remove the boathouse and replace it with a new dock configuration including a pavilion, reports the following:

The Marina Subcommittee continues to build off of what the previous Subcommittee’s Co-Chairs had accomplished on this issue while exercising all due diligence and taking into account stakeholder input to date.  It is anticipated that preliminary consensus will be reached within the week, after further consultation with both plumbing and architecture subject matter experts.  At that time, all requirements will be provided to the designer to initiate detailed drawings required for new construction permit applications.

The objectives on the new structure are twofold: 1) Redo the space with an aesthetically pleasing structure which adds to the overall attractiveness of FCF; 2) Maximize open water under the square footage allowance by Anne Arundel County and end up with a new loading/unloading platform .  

Upcoming work

The Marina Committee is arranging for the following work to be done:

  • Benches– the benches at the western end of our dock will be repainted.
  • Piling caps– A number of the copper piling caps have deteriorated. These caps, which help to prevent rot in our pilings, will be replaced.
  • Deck board replacement– Many of our dock deck boards have deteriorated to the point they need to be replaced. This will be an ongoing process on an as needed basis.
  • Store room lock– The lock to the storeroom at the clubhouse that holds our ice eaters is being replaced through the Board of Directors direction.
  • Hose reels– Several of the hose reels are loose and will be screwed in again with new screws.
  • Cart tires– Our 2 carts will have their tires serviced.
  • Swim Ladders – General maintenance of ladders and cables.

Join the Marina Committee’s Discussion Group

Do you want to be kept up to date on the activities of the Marina Committee? Here’s how to join the conversation, and be alerted to everything happening around the dock. You should have received an invitation to join the Marina Committee Group located on our new website. Please go ahead and accept that invitation, and you will automatically be kept up to date.  Alternatively, log in, and then click here and click on the “Join Group” button for the Marina Committee. 

Right now, we have a discussion threads open about the boathouse and dock maintenance. We invite you to weigh in on these, and add your comments. Your thoughts are welcome. You can join in the conversation by clicking here.

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