Marina Update

The boating season is off and running and we seem to be in good shape around the marina. The marina is as full as we have seen it in years and we have a small waiting list.  The marina upgrades are complete, with the exception of the final lift installation, which will happen after our final Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) inspection is completed.  We will continue to monitor maintenance issues and repair items on an as-needed basis.

If you have not submitted your contract and insurance documentation, or paid your fees, you could be asked to remove your boat, as we have homeowners that are waiting for slips. Paperwork is in order for almost everyone, but for those few with outstanding documents or payment, please provide what’s needed or we will be offering your slip to others in the near future (apologies for the aggressive nudge, but it’s only fair).

The marina is getting a lot of use and we ask everyone to monitor people on the ramp, new platform, or marina piers and make sure they are part of the community or approved guests.  If you see anything out of the ordinary related to individual boats, please support your neighbors by contacting the marina committee or boat owner.

We look forward to seeing everyone around the marina and thanks for everyone’s support. – Jason Horst on behalf of the Marina Committee