Marina Update

Slip holders:

Fall boating season has arrived and we hope that everyone is enjoying the season. The marina drawings were approved by the committee and slip holders at our last meeting and the HOA Board accepted the proposal. We are actively working to secure our contractor for the work and we expect the work to be done between Jan 2020 – March 2020 (if we roll into April we will do our best to limit the impact regarding the usage of the marina). We have received multiple bids and we believe we have narrowed down the bids to our final contractor. We hope to meet with the contractor this week to sign a contract. We will watch the weather in October and early November and determine when we will winterize the marina. We will do our best to extend the season as far out as possible, without placing our plumbing at risk. Please enjoy the fall boating season and for those that like to fish, it has been a fun fall, with plenty of fish to catch and release.


Marina Committee