Marina Committee update

The summer has started and the marina is active. As a community marina it’s important that we practice safe boating and help protect the overall marina and our neighbors vessels. Please make sure that if you see something that could cause damage to your vessel or a neighbors vessel that you communicate this immediately to the owner or the marina committee. We ask that everyone properly secure their boats and avoid using piling that have electrical lines or water lines connected to the piling.

The marina committee and volunteers, continue to work on marina improvements. In addition to the improvements mentioned in last months newsletter, we have updated the light at the gate of the marina, fastened down lose boards (on going project), worked on securing ladders, added cleats for seasonal and short-term tie ups to avoid damage to utilities fastened to the pickings, repaired benches, repairs the floating platform for canoe launches (Thanks Dick Tennies!) and added a geese deterrent light to the area of the marina that was being over taken each evening by geese. We continue to work on additional improvements and we will have a piling cap repair project that will start to take place in the next week. In addition, we continue to work on the larger fall construction capex project and we look forward to presenting the updated scope of the project at the next meeting.

Enjoy the boating season!

Marina Committee