Marina Committee – Get to know your fellow boaters

The Marina Committee has finalized most of the slip assignments for 2019. It’s been a lot of work to do, but everyone who has requested a slip has been accommodated.  To see a schematic of who is in what slip, click here.  You may also search for members in our online directory from any device either by name, address, or slip number.  We will continue to work on improvements throughout the summer and will keep you updated on the progress of the boat house project (lots of exploratory work is going on to prepare options and a plan).  We ask that all slip holders review their boats and make sure they a properly tied. A boat that is not properly tied up in the slip can cause damage to the vessel, as well as the dock and potentially adjacent boats.  We also ask that if you see any thing out of the ordinary at the marina, please contact the marina committee or the HOA Board. Its important that we work together to make the marina an enjoyable and safe facility for everyone to enjoy.