Marina Committee Dock Changes Meeting

The marina committee has been working on the renovations of the marina for the past two years. It was agreed that after multiple contractor reviews of the existing boat house and the adjacent structure, that the existing boat house would need to be fully rebuilt or removed.
After community surveys, many marina committee meetings and reviews with contractors and state and federal agencies, it was decided that the removal of the boat house was the best option for the community. The expense to rebuild and maintain the structure was very high and the use was limited. There was also limitations due to new regulations that limited our ability to modify the boat house for other uses.

Based on this analysis many marina committee members and supportive community members have spent countless hours, meeting with officials to review options, worked with contractors to review costs and options and reviewed many drafts of concepts. To see the drawing outlines for the final plans for the marina renovations, click here. The drawings do not capture all details (i.e. life safety ladders/devices, fencing for security, electrical, water, etc…). These will all be included in the final construction as set by code and based on our allowable allocations and requirements of electric and water.

The plans were developed to allow us to submit drawings for approval that may allow us to start construction this fall. The hope is to do as much of this work as possible during the “non-boating”: season (late October – March). This work will be done in stages and there may be short periods of time that the marina will be closed for slip holder access.

We want to personally thank everyone from the community that has participated in this project. The collaboration between old and new slip holders and community members has been great to see in the FCF community. Please review these drawing and we will hold a meeting at the clubhouse on Thursday September 5th from 7:00pm to 8:00pm to discuss the next steps of the project (if you are unable to attend and would like to issue a Proxy for voting purposes, please click here to get a proxy voting form and give that to another marina slip holder that will attend the meeting or email the proxy to .

Key Changes: Existing boat house will be removed. Renovations to the main pier will be required as part of this process. The existing finger piers at the far left of the marina (current locations of benches) will be extended to the end of the pier, providing us with a full “T” pier at that end of the marina. Pilings will be adjusted on the adjacent slips to provide for four wider slips in the marina. The pier to the right (“boat lift” side of the marina) will be modified to provide for “temporary/transient” slips.

A series of finger piers and pilings will be installed to better accommodate boats in the marina. Slip 36 will be approved for an additional lift (this part of the project is still under review) We will add a fixed platform extension to the left finger pier at boat ramp. This will provide for multiple uses (a place to launch kayaks/canoes, a place to set-up for launching boats, a space to enjoy the water area with family and dogs). We will also use this area to relocate the floating jet docks. A series of pilings will be included to secure the floating Jetdock. We will also set-up a gate/security to protect the security of the Jet ski/Waverunners.