Boat House Update

The personnel at the A.A.Co. Planning and Zoning (P&Z) offices have been very helpful and cooperative in the effort to reconfigure the boat house. Although it is slowly moving through the required process, the P&Z offices have been trying to properly interpret the new laws to allow this progress. It is understandable that they do not have very many requests to remove and reconfigure a boat house. The old boat house was never registered when FCF development was begun in 1987 nor was it registered when the Marina was built in 1999. The current boathouse is now registered which means we can now tear it down AND the registration process allows us to replace the structure with something more useful to the Marina. The current phase is to get approval for changing the “use of a non-conforming” structure and while writing this blurb the approval just arrived. Now on to the permitting process with the state.