Land Use Update

Shoreline Erosion Project and Adjacent Beach Areas

The Fishing Creek Farm shoreline erosion project is nearing completion. By way of background for those new to the community, Anne Arundel County awarded Bayland Construction nearly $3 million dollars to construct a “living” shoreline. The County provided the funding to meet their obligations to control pollutants like sediment from entering the Chesapeake Bay. Given their high erosion rates, the living shoreline was placed around Smith’s Island and Cherry Tree Cove.

The living shoreline is a system of rock, sand, and marsh grass that will manage erosion while providing for natural shoreline habitat important for crabs, fish and other wildlife.

The rock structures and sand phases are complete, and our contractors are now finalizing the marsh grass planting over the next few weeks. While a few adjustments are still being made, the planting areas are marked out with posts and string. Particularly for the next year, residents and dogs should not enter the planting areas to help the grasses establish.

FCF residents will have open access to two main beach areas, which are marked with red circles:

  • There will be around 100 feet of sandy beachfront at the end of Cherry Tree Lane along the “flagpole” trailhead.
  • A similarly sized beachfront with around a 40 feet wide sandy entrance will be present at the end of the “tennis court” trail spur.

The designs linked above currently show marsh grass plantings behind the beach area. Still, they are open in the final design, and residents will not have to walk through the grass to access.

Next winter, when our marsh grasses have been established, residents will be able to access pocket-beaches throughout the living shoreline by walking through the marsh grass.