Land Use Committee

Eric Sprague, Land Use Committee Chair

The FCF Land Use Committee has been working over the past several months to protect, enhance the health of, and improve access to our common natural areas. If anyone is interested in joining the committee, please contact Eric Sprague, Land Use Committee Chair,

  • Forest Stewardship Plan: In early 2018, FCF updated its original forest stewardship plan to document the health of our woods and set the community up for potential cost-share and grant funding to improve any degraded areas. In general, our woods have some nice diversity of tree species, but are challenged by invasive shrubs and vines and some stands are overly dense. The plan and associated maps are attached.
  • Southbreeze Beach Clean-up: David Petty led the clean-up of debris on the beach with several volunteers including Kirk Brafford, Deborah Brafford, Margo Precht Speciale and family, and the Sprague family. The beach looks great and remains one of FCF’s defining features.
  • Trail Maintenance: FCF has been engaging our lawn management service to enhance the maintenance of key trails in our common areas. Much work remains, but as a pilot project FCF will be putting down mulch on the Smith Island trail along the shoreline and behind the tennis court. The project will include cleaning up the viewing area at the eastern end of the island (flag pole trail spur) to improve one of the most scenic areas in FCF.
  • Shoreline Erosion Control: the Land Use committee is working with Anne Arundel County, Chesapeake Bay Trust, and South River Federation to evaluate how a number of grant programs can support our goals to protect our shoreline. Maryland DNR maps show some portions of our property eroding 7 feet per year. As the Land Use committee narrows our options over the next couple of months, we will hold community meetings to walk you through them.
  • Phragmites control: Grant programs also exist to remove our phragmites and replace with native shrubs and trees. The land use committee is also pursuing these opportunities and will report back this fall.

Click here to access some important documents related to these initiatives.