Acoustic Tiles, Gazebo Benches, and Landscaping

Acoustic Tiles for Clubhouse Coming – The tiles have arrived and we are obtaining an estimate for installation.

Gazebo Benches and Landscaping – Benches have been installed in the gazebos offering much desired seating for our young ones waiting for the school bus.

Landscaping – Landscaping activities have been quiet during these winter months but plans are in place to review the entrances to see what plant replacements or additions need to be made. The rose bushes next to the pool have been trimmed in hopes the trimming will bring new growth to the ones that looked a bit scraggly last summer.

Plans are also in place to replace the bushes in front of the electrical panel next to the marina entrance and, in an effort to be more sustainable, we plan to plant a not-too-tall evergreen where we place the cut Christmas tree each year eliminating the need to purchase one each year.

Efforts are in place to review trees that need trimming around the clubhouse and other locations throughout the community. Any suggestions or questions about beatification or concerns about any landscaping matter in Fishing Creek Farm please contact Wallace Management at or Barbara Holch at