CapEx Update

Your CapEx committee has been meeting regularly during the month and continues to conduct due diligence on many fronts relating to the many capital assets of the Fishing Creek Farm community.

  • The highlight of the month was preparing for and conducting Focus Group # 2. Thanks to Laurie Bruhin, Jacques Smith, Dewey Schmitt, Lark Marie, and Andy Gordon for taking the time to provide valuable insights and recommendations to the CapEX committee. We greatly appreciate their feedback. A copy of the Focus Group #2 Powerpoint presentation is attached for reference.
    • Highlights of the feedback:         
      1. Continue to conduct outreach meetings—need full community meeting, maybe two
      2. CapEx approach is sound, logical
      3. Differentiation of capital expenditures needs further refinement
      4. “Hybrid” finance model seems most reasonable (Option #3)
      5. Incorporate small group discussions after full community meeting(s)
      6. Continue providing slides and pertinent info to participants prior to the meeting—this is very helpful
      7. Group liked outreach and updates—communication from committee has been appropriate and informative
      8. Southbreeze Beach planning should start immediately
  • We held two meetings this month with Anne Arundel County Roads Department representatives to continue to seek resolution of roadway and drainage issues, and we continue to aggressively push these actions with AACO.
  • Committee is continuing due diligence to confirm estimates for major capital cost drivers such as paving, crab pier, Sandspit bridge, boat ramp, etc.; these “Needle Movers” significantly impact capital planning and funding models.
  • The committee is planning to conduct a virtual “Open House” (targeted for late October) to present an update to the FCF community at large–we are still formulating details, so please monitor your email and the FCF website for more information.
    • Planning one, maybe two virtual “Open House” meetings to provide most current information and provide attendance options
    • We also are looking to have 2-3 small group forums for those interested in more detailed discussion of the issues facing our community
      • The intent of the full community and small group discussions is to seek a community-wide consensus on the best method to address our future capital project needs.
      • All community members are encouraged to participate, as well as learn more by reading the reports and presentations found on the website (Documents/CapEx Committee).
  • We continue to refine our asset model (126 individual line items contribute to the overall capital budget), and our financial models based on research, evaluations, focus group, and consultant/contractor input.
  • The committee will continue to meet regularly in October and November.
  • Anyone interested in more information should email Eamonn McGeady: