Cherry Tree Cove Update

Julien Hecht, our Board President, continues to focus on the large number of boaters using Cherry Tree Cove. These boaters generate excessive noise, trespass on FCF land, and produce pollution in a terrapin and trumpet swan habitat. Julien has worked with other FCF homeowners on this thorny issue. Over the past 45 days, with the assistance of both our State Senator, Sara Elfreth, and our County Executive, Steuart Pittman, we have managed to gain additional attention from the upper management ranks at both the Natural Resources Police (NRP) and the Anne Arundel County Police Department (AACPD) to our situation.  The goal now is to ascertain what solutions (better inter-agency coordination between the NRP and the AACPD, additional equipment, and even additional legislation) may be necessary to have a more effective set of options in place by the time boating season resumes next spring.  Meetings are currently being scheduled between the HOA, our legislators and the relevant law enforcement agencies to focus on this issue, and we will keep you informed of developments as they occur.  Please feel free to contact Julien Hecht at with any comments or suggestions.