2020 Mosquito Fogging at FCF

We have signed up again this summer for mosquito control spraying by the MD Dept. of Agriculture (MDA). Spraying will start on or about the end of May and continue through September.

MDA will monitor for adult mosquitoes in our community one evening a week. If the density of adult mosquitoes is at a certain threshold—and weather conditions are suitable—the DOA inspector will spray the community from his/her truck, using Permethrin (with an ultra low volume application). Spraying will occur between 7:30pm and 2:30am. We don’t know yet which weekday evening it will be. We will let the community know in May.

To view the MDA’s operating procedures, click here.  This will provide more information and a link to a form for any community member who wants to opt out. The opt-out form should be mailed to MDA, with a copy provided to FCFHOA.

MDA also recommends that homeowners take steps to eliminate any standing water in their yards, which would provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Please contact the board if you have any questions on this (boardsecretary@fishingcreekfarm.org).