2020 FCF Annual Meeting Special Report


There was a terrific turnout as Board president Bob Booth welcomed the 43 homeowners at the clubhouse or their proxies, and the over 35 homeowners attending the meeting online or through their proxy. In attendance at the club house were Board members president Bob Booth, vice president Matt Bernhardt, treasurer Deborah Brafford, and secretary Julien Hecht. Moderating online was Board member-at-large Steve Haiman.

New homeowners

Our Board vice president Matt Bernhardt welcomed our newest 12 homeowners to Fishing Creek Farm. For a complete list of those new members, click here.

Welcome and Thank you to committee chairs and other volunteers

It is the tireless work of our FCF volunteers that make the community the great place to live that it is. Treasurer Deborah Brafford called out the names of all of those volunteers to thank them for their service. For a complete list of those giving their time for the benefit of all who live in FCF, click here.

List of 2019 Accomplishments

2019 was a very busy time in the life of FCF, and the list of accomplishments is amazing. Board treasurer Deborah Brafford shared with everyone a PowerPoint that listed the over 30 major achievements accomplished. To view her slide deck of the great things done for our facilities and amenities and social life of our community, click here.

Financial Snapshot

Deborah Brafford completed her presentation by presenting a financial snapshot for FCF. This quick overview looked at the 2019 HOA operating balances, 2019 HOA reserve funds, 2020 HOA operating budget, and 2020 HOA reserve funds. To view the slides presented for this part of her presentation, click here.

Website Committee Report

Steve Haiman, chair of the communication committee, went through a list of the accomplishments for 2019 in all things website and newsletter. He then introduced the community to the new Tidewater portal, a platform supported by our new property management firm Tidewater Property Manager. For Steve’s slides on both of these, click here.

Welcome New Board Member Maggie Elehwany

A vote was taken, and FCF welcomed its newest Board member Maggie Elehwany. Maggie has been a tireless volunteer for years, most recently organizing all of our children’s social activities. The Board, and our community, welcome Maggie to the Board. We know she’ll make a huge contribution during her 3 year term. Please extend your thank you to Maggie for stepping up.

Land Use Committee Report

There are successes at FCF, and then there are successes exceeding $2.9 MILLION dollars. Land Use chair Eric Sprague went through what is underway at FCF with shoreline erosion abatement, invasive species control, replanting, and other improvements. For a snapshot of what is either planned or underway, click here. And don’t miss our special feature spotlight of Eric from our newsletter. Click here to read more.

Marina Committee Report

What a change it has been! Marina Committee chairperson Jason Horst gave a wonderful presentation of all of the improvements that have happened both with the marina itself, and the finances behind it. From the new slips, the wonderful viewing platform, to our new flagpole and signage, the marina continues to be one of the crown jewels of our community. To view his complete presentation, click here. And a special thanks goes out to Mike Casillo and Bob McGraw, whose invaluable work made these improvements possible.

CapEx Committee Report

Board member AND CapEx Chair Julien Hecht walked though the key elements, committee structure, key goals, history and outlook, review of key assets, and anticipated next steps of the newly reestablished CapEx committee. This vital group has already worked to create an update to the 2017 reserve study, but has literally catalogued and reviewed every asset that is part of the FCF reserves. For a complete look at Julien’s presentation, click here.

Survey Report

CapEx member Jim Shaffer explored the 2020 survey of community assets and communication survey. This measurement tool took a look at our key amenities, and evaluated the importance and performance of these key elements. The survey also looked at FCF communication processes, as well as a look at Board performance. Finally, the survey provided hundreds of text responses as to how our community can be moved even more forward. For a complete look at the survey results as presented at the annual meeting, click here. Next Jim Shaffer also explored the recent focus group that he conducted in March. To view the results of that, click here. Finally Jim looked at proposed next steps leading from the survey and focus group. To view those steps, click here.

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions Amendment

The evening was completed by a presentation from Board president Bob Booth on a proposed by-law amendment having to do with fences on the water-side residences. You can see this presentation by clicking here.