Architectural Control

Many types of changes to the exterior of your home (such as roof, hardscaping, a shed, etc.) may require you to file an application and supporting documents with the committee prior to any construction beginning.  To determine if your project does require an application, contact our Board Secretary ( Please describe your project and the Board Secretary will respond with a complete list of documents, as well as instructions on how to file your application. The architectural change application is available by clicking here.

The video below is a step by step on how to submit your completed application to the Tidewater platform.

Make your application

When you have all your required support documents in hand, and are ready to make your application, you may either submit your documents and application electronically, mail, or by fax.

To submit your documents electronically, click on the button below:

To submit your documents by mail or by fax please send to the following:

Architectural Change Request
Tidewater Property Management, Inc.
3600 Crondall Lane, Suite 100 Owings Mills, MD 21117-2231
Office: 443-548-0191
Fax: 443-548-0196

How to track your application

  1. Log onto the Tidewater Platform by clicking on the Tidewater Portal menu item located to the left.
  2. Click on Association Business then Architectural Control